BHETA acts to remove plastic products from packaging tax

BHETA is lobbying against last minute changes to draft Plastic Packaging Tax legislation that introduce consumer goods to the intended single use packaging. Read more

Late changes to Plastic Packaging Tax proposal

BHETA has raised strong objections to last minute additions to the draft Plastic Packaging tax legislation. Specifically, the extension to include consumer goods as well as packaging. Read more

Peat, better the devil you know? Or the one you don’t?

Dejex Supplies, a wholesaler to commercial horticulture explores the arguments for and against peat and its alternatives. Read more

Figure 1. Peatland distribution within Northern Europe (European Commission)

HTA launches Sustainability Roadmap 

HTA launches Sustainability Roadmap to guide UK horticulture towards leading edge of sustainable business practice. Read more

Peat content is now less than 50%

Following Monty Don’s criticism of garden centres and growers for selling peat, the HTA has written that a peat-free future needs a change in national policy. Read more

Proof that greening front gardens reduces stress

New scientific proof that greening front gardens reduces stress will change the way we design and build our living spaces, says the RHS. Read more

Ivy is the most effective plant cover for cooling buildings

A new study by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and University of Reading has found that ivy is the most effective plant cover for cooling buildings and reducing humidity. Read more

Government refuses compensation for UK Growers

The Government has rejected calls by The HTA and NFU to pay financial compensation to UK Growers following the Covid-19 shutdown.   Read more

Tougher Xylella regulations come into force today

Tougher Xylella regulations have come into force, which are said to effectively ban the import of olives, lavender and rosemary. However, the HTA warns of more plant imports without Government aid for Coronavirus. Read more

Wettest February on record and 5th wettest Winter

February 2020 has been the wettest February on record for most of the country. The weather looks likely to remain rather wet and windy into the middle of March… Read more

Fears that Coronavirus will impact supplies from China

On Tuesday the Spring Fair seemed to be buzzing. But underneath there was uncertainty and concern about how the Coronavirus would impact imports of goods manufactured in China. Read more

Image courtesy ABC

Great opportunity for UK Growers

UK growers at the HTA Contact conference are told the government needs UK horticulture for it to deliver its 25 year environment strategy. Read more

HTA calls for 'no penalty period' for Plant Passporting

The HTA has asked Defra to introduce a 12 month grace period for plant passports as growers and retailers don't want to get it wrong. Read more

HTA comments on General Election

James Clark, Director of Policy and Communications at the HTA comments on the announcement that a General Election is to be held on Thursday 12 December. Read more

A new product category emerged at Glee

Alternative to Chemicals, goes a step beyond replacing one chemical with another that's more environmentally friendly.  Hozelock and Westland see ATC as an important step preparing consumers for a 'free-from' future. Read more

Westland's additives increase vigour

Met Office snow warnings

The met office has warned of snow tonight and on Saturday in Scotland and the North and later, in central England. The wintry risk continues into next week. Read more

Government plans crackdown on sale of peat

The Sunday Telegraph reported that garden centres will be handed hefty fines for continuing to sell peat compost under new government plans for a crack down.

Read more

Woodchip, an alternative to peat.

Peter Seabrook stands up for British growers

Following criticism of British growers by Monty Don, Peter Seabrook’s column in the Sun stands up for some of the most environmentally and sustainable nurseries in the world. Read more

Peter Seabrook

3 year extension for Glyphosate

It has been reported that the expiry date for Glyphosate will be extended until at least 15 December 2025 in Great Britain following Brexit. Read more

Homebase to roll out ‘The Green Aisle’

Homebase is rolling out ‘The Green Aisle’ across its stores and online, showing a range of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products all in one place. Read more

The UK's first Plant Health Week

As part of International Year of Plant Health, Defra is hosting the UK’s first Plant Health Week.  It will run from 21– 27 September and will raise awareness of plant health threats. Read more

Further lockdown easing in England

From Saturday Coronavirus restrictions will be relaxed for activities such as bowling alleys, skating rinks and soft play centres.  But travellers returning from France and Holland must self-isolate. Read more

Gardeners called to help save water as temperatures set to soar

The RHS has joined Water UK to encourage gardeners to adopt a ‘water-wise’ approach to their gardens ahead of this week’s forecasted heatwave. Read more

New suppliers at the Garden Press Event

The quest to be environmentally responsible has brought new suppliers of compost and soil improvers to the Garden Press Event and a new approach for some existing suppliers. Read more

Ian Riggs and Balaji Manoharan

HTA welcomes a Defra Secretary of State who knows the industry

HTA sees the appointment of George Eustice as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a positive move given his knowledge of this industry. Read more

In 2016, Minister, George Eustice with Carol Paris and Peter Seabrook

‘Enhanced’ Environment Bill goes before the Commons

The Government re-introduced the Environment Bill to Parliament yesterday. It follows the loss of the original Bill because of the general election in December. Read more

Review of 2019

Here is a summary of the news stories published on Gardenforum during 2019:  Wyevale disintegration and the expansion of other groups, the environment, supplier consolidation and people in the news.  This review is open to all. Read more

Dobbies adopts a lifestyle theme for 2020 furniture

Dobbies held a London launch to unveil the themes for its 2020 garden furniture ranges. The mood is informality and fun. Read more

Moroccan Mood

HTA warns Government after Queen’s speech

Although encouraged by the Government commitments in the Queen’s Speech, the HTA calls for continued access to European workers and pots to be included in a household recycling plans. Read more

UK Nurseries depend on workers from abroad

Germany likely to ban Glyphosate

The German Environment Ministry says it will phase out use of glyphosate by 2023.  Ireland, however, says it will follow suit but be guided by the scientific consensus. Read more

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