Colour Your Story, autumn/winter 2021-2022

Desch Plantpak presents the latest edition of Colour Your Story. The number one colourful inspiration magazine where you can find, among other things, the latest trends, innovations, developments in the field of sustainability. Read more

Blue Diamond signs exclusive Partnership with The Soil Association

Blue Diamond and The Soil Association aim to break down any perceived barriers to gardening in an organic and more nature friendly way  Read more

Watch Your Back! 21

Watch Your Back! returns with a NEW scheme designed to keep everyone in horticulture sun protected. Read more

Syngenta Flowers introduces Xcarrier

Syngenta Flowers announces the introduction of Xcarrier; a new system to optimize production and distribution methods of young plants. Read more

RHS to be peat-free by 2025

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has committed to being 100% peat-free by 2025 as it experiments with farmed sphagnum moss. Read more

Lawn Association differs with Monty Don over the perfect lawn

Following Monty Don’s  article claiming that mowing grass is “about the most injurious thing you can do to wildlife”, The Lawn Association says, “yes you can have it both ways!” Read more

Monty Don

Provender Nurseries is certified Plant Healthy

Provender Nurseries are now certified ‘Plant Healthy’, one of the first group of ornamental suppliers to the horticultural industry to gain certification so far. Read more

Working together for better plant health

The AIPH is holding an online Plant Health Conference on 24 March 2021, ‘Working Together for Better Plant Health’. It will be free to attend for registered participants.

Read more

Hedge your bets with ‘super plant’ to fight air pollution

Scientists report that the bushy, hairy-leafed Cotoneaster franchetii is the latest ‘super plant’ to help boost the environment and improve human health because of its special ability to fight pollution by trapping harmful airborne particles. Read more

More snow possible for all areas for most of February

January trading is substantially below last year due to Covid and the weather. The Met Office warns of a greater than normal threat of disruptive winter hazards for all areas during most of February. Read more

Horticulture industry comes together for a peat-free future

Unlocking the complexities of the peat debate by encouraging collaboration of the broad range of industry stakeholders to produce a roadmap the removal of peat from growing media.   Read more

Met Office snow warnings

The met office has warned of snow tonight and on Saturday in Scotland and the North and later, in central England. The wintry risk continues into next week. Read more

Government plans crackdown on sale of peat

The Sunday Telegraph reported that garden centres will be handed hefty fines for continuing to sell peat compost under new government plans for a crack down.

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Woodchip, an alternative to peat.

Peter Seabrook stands up for British growers

Following criticism of British growers by Monty Don, Peter Seabrook’s column in the Sun stands up for some of the most environmentally and sustainable nurseries in the world. Read more

Peter Seabrook

3 year extension for Glyphosate

It has been reported that the expiry date for Glyphosate will be extended until at least 15 December 2025 in Great Britain following Brexit. Read more

Wildlife Trusts make 'End Now' call for peat sales

The Wildlife Trusts say the time for voluntary agreements is over – the sale of peat must end now.  They have released their survey of 20 garden retailers.  We include an industry reesponse. Read more

Sustainable logistics help EnviroBuild's carbon neutral goal

EnviroBuild Materials Ltd is moving warehousing and logistics to champions of sustainability, Howard Tenens Logistics - a bold step towards becoming a carbon-neutral company. Read more

RHS calls on public to help map sweet chestnut trees

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and Coventry University are calling on the public to spot sweet chestnuts on their daily stroll as they launch a new citizen science project to help protect the at-risk tree for the future. Read more

Westland warns against unachievable targets for peat

With a Government announcement on peat use imminent, Westland’s Keith Nicholson calls for some reality in the peat debate and collaboration on a road map that avoids setting unachievable targets. Read more

Keith Nicholson.  Marketing Director of Westland

GCA enhances inspection process

The Garden Centre Association (GCA) has teamed up with Planet Mark to help evolve its inspection process as part of its pledge to continue working on environmental challenges this year (2021). Read more

Iain Wylie, GCA Chief Executive

Cherry Lane Garden Centres going green

Discount retail group QD, which owns the and Cherry Lane Garden Centre brands, is going green with new 'Value Our Planet' initiatives to bolster its eco-credentials. Read more

Innovations at GPE show gardening is greener

The Garden Press Event showed how the need to reduce peat use, reduce chemical use, reduce plastic use and switch to electric is driving real innovation within gardening. Read more

Kress Mission robotic mower

LOFA signs up to Planet Mark

Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s a business imperative and a critical global issue says LOFA.  So it has teamed up with Planet Mark to help members achieve environmental goals. Read more

NT plans Blossom Circles for urban centres

The National Trust has announced plans to plant blossoming tree circles in towns and cities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland over next five years. Read more

New plant import measures to prevent Xylella

The HTA complains of lack of consultation and confusion as Government introduces stricter measures to reduce the risk of importing Xylella fastidious into GB. Read more

Xylella on Prunus

GIMA launches the UK garden industry’s first ‘Plastic Packaging Pledge’

The pledge is in response to the global impact of plastic packaging usage and the potential environmental damage this packaging can cause as a result of incorrect use and careless disposal. Read more

BHETA acts to remove plastic products from packaging tax

BHETA is lobbying against last minute changes to draft Plastic Packaging Tax legislation that introduce consumer goods to the intended single use packaging. Read more

Late changes to Plastic Packaging Tax proposal

BHETA has raised strong objections to last minute additions to the draft Plastic Packaging tax legislation. Specifically, the extension to include consumer goods as well as packaging. Read more

Peat, better the devil you know? Or the one you don’t?

Dejex Supplies, a wholesaler to commercial horticulture explores the arguments for and against peat and its alternatives. Read more

Figure 1. Peatland distribution within Northern Europe (European Commission)

HTA launches Sustainability Roadmap 

HTA launches Sustainability Roadmap to guide UK horticulture towards leading edge of sustainable business practice. Read more

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