Storing pesticides and weedkillers is now a major compliance headache

Most published material relating to pesticides, both scientific and in the media, focuses on negative attributes. A paper on the subject revealed a ratio of 40 negative articles for each one that took a more positive view.

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Keith Gallacher is Director of Complete Weed Control Scotland

An increase in planning application fees

Planning changes have now come into effect that garden centre owners need to be aware of. Read more - open to all

Andrew Burton

5 special care tips for retailers to maximise poinsettia sales in-store

The poinsettia experts at SfE are here to give five top tips to help you, your staff, and your customers care for poinsettias correctly, so they can be enjoyed throughout the autumn and winter months. Read more - open to all

The Horti House shows the future for UK houseplants

The Horti House held its first Showcase at Double H Nurseries.  It welcomed 60 garden centre visitors to show how they produce peat-free houseplants in the UK. Read more - members only

The Future Range

National Gardening Week: Weed out unwanted joint pain

With the country’s biggest annual celebration of gardening, National Gardening Week, just around the corner, there is no better time to flex your green fingers whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Making the most of our gardens may be easier said than done for those 17 million adults in the UK affected by a musculoskeletal condition. Read more - open to all

Hillier releases a comprehensive tree guide for landscape professionals

Hillier, the UK’s largest grower of semi-mature trees in the UK, has spent the last five years researching and curating a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive tree guide. Read more - open to all

Adam Dunnett, Amenity Director at Hillier with Tree Guide at the launch event.

Post-Brexit export growth has created new ways of cutting costs

Since Brexit, there has been a significant growth in the number of fruit, vegetable and plant producers exporting goods into Europe (and beyond). That’s the opinion of Waller Transport Services. Read more - open to all

Paul Rolfe, Waller Transport Logistics

Notcutts hits record customer satisfaction levels at the close of 2023

Over 8 years Notcutts has doubled its customer satisfaction score (NPS) to the level of Excellent.  Notcutts CEO, Nick Burrows outlines how the garden centre group has achieved this. Read more - members only

Industry guide for synthetic turf recycling facilities published

In response to an increasing need to dispose of end-of-life synthetic turf in an environmentally-sensitive way, ESTC (the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council) has launched a new guide to recycling facilities across Europe. Read more - open to all

Map of Recycling Facilities for synthetic turf systems in Europe - ESTC Guide

Bionema launches new digital biocontrol training platform

The Bionema Group Ltd has launched a new digital biocontrol Training platform, to help end-users maximise the potential of their highly effective biological-based products, which protect and naturally enhance crops. Read more - open to all

Underage knife sales could cost retailers up to £1m

New sentencing guidelines relating to underage knife sales have been published and are due to come into effect on April 1, 2023.  Legislation covers a broad range of of bladed articles including axes. Read more - open to all

The Responsible Sourcing Scheme for scoring growing media

With the RSS score consumers and retailers can see at a glance that a bag of compost with a green ‘A’ rating is more responsibly produced than a yellow ‘C’ rated product. Read more - open to all