New top level Environmental Horticulture Group launched

Today’s House of Lords launch of the New Environmental Horticulture Group (EHG) shows the sector’s importance to achieving national environmental goals. Read more - members only

New steps in Squire's sustainability journey

Squire’s Garden Centres has announced a number of significant changes in its bid to reduce its carbon footprint and the group's drive to be increasingly more sustainable. Read more - members only

Carrier bag

Bionema launches new digital biocontrol training platform

The Bionema Group Ltd has launched a new digital biocontrol Training platform, to help end-users maximise the potential of their highly effective biological-based products, which protect and naturally enhance crops. Read more - open to all

Dobbies & Blue Diamond back Radio 2’s Let it Grow

Dobbies and Blue Diamond garden centres are partnering with BBC Radio 2 for Let it Grow by donating 120,000 packets of seeds between them. Read more - members only

Blue Diamond's new plastic compost bag recycling bins

The Blue Diamond Group, with 42 UK garden centres and sales of £330m, joins Evergreen Garden Care’s scheme to divert 40 million compost bags from landfill. Read more - members only

London Stone achieves carbon neutral status

Award-winning national hard landscaping supplier London Stone has been awarded Carbon Neutral status in 2023.  Mark Gregory will be its first Green Ambassador. Read more - members only

London Stone MD Steve Walley In No Child Left Behind Meeting, Rajasthan, India

RHS disease ranking reveals fruit trees under threat

The prolonged drought last summer followed by a wet and mild autumn provided the perfect conditions for fungi to spread, and an increase in many diseases. Read more - members only

Honey Fungus

The Prince and Princess of Wales support Life at No 27

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited a new garden therapy site in Wales, part of the garden-therapy social enterprise, Life at No.27. Read more - open to all

The Prince and Princess of Wales with Annabelle Padwick

European Rhinoceros Beetle found in the UK

A European Rhinoceros Beetle (Oryctes nasicornis), native to continental Europe and widespread around the Mediterranean Sea, has been found in Durham, having hitched a ride in a potted plant.  Read more - open to all

European Rhinocerous Beetle (Oryctes nasicornis)

Huge challenge for garden centres as nurseries go peat-free

Garden centres must change the way they care for plants or face losses, say Bransford and New Leaf, as growers transition to peat-free. Read more - members only

Watering advice by Simon Blackhurst

Man wins Japanese Knotweed appeal against council

In a landmark ruling a homeowner has won damages from Bridgend Council for allowing Japanese Knotweed to invade his property. Read more - members only

New supplier for British grown orchids and green houseplants

Double H nurseries is on a mission to transform houseplant wholesale. The Horti House web shop will supply garden centres with British grown orchids and green houseplants. Read more - members only

The Orchid House

Leading turf grower challenges industry to become truly green

A leading UK turf grower is calling for the end of the use of plastic netting in turf – something he says is causing unseen environmental damage.

Read more - open to all

2.	Stephen Fell of Lindum Turf with the company’s plastic-free wildflower turf.

Retail sale of peat in Wales to end

The retail sale of peat in horticulture will end in Wales, Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths has announced. Read more - members only

£1m research project to accelerate transition to peat-free

RHS and Government to part fund £1m project with growers and growing media manufacturers to find sustainable alternatives to peat in large-scale commercial operations. Read more - members only

RHS Hilltop: Home of Gardening Science

MPs ask Defra about professional peat ban after HTA concerns

Minister says, “I will continue to meet with… members of the HTA,” as MP’s raise questions about the intended ban on the professional use of peat. Read more - members only

RHS and Defra call on the public to become citizen scientists

Bodies such as The RHS, Defra and the Forest Commission are asking the public to help monitor problems and diseases threatening the health of sweet chestnut trees and the spread of the Oak Processionary moth.

  Read more - open to all

Oak processionary moth caterpillars

Water caution urged as hosepipe ban is extended

Water users are urged to focus on preserving water now to get ahead of future dry spells, as a hosepipe ban is extended across large parts of Devon and Cornwall. Read more - members only

£320k investment to find sustainable peat alternative

Boosted by £320,000 investment, Sizzle leads quest to find a sustainable alternative to peat, derived from waste, and reduce the amount of raw materials needed by the industry. Read more - open to all

Defra reveals date to end peat use by growers

Widespread concern as Government announces professional growers will be required to cease using peat 4 years earlier than expected. Read more - members only

'Say No to Plastic Grass & Plants' campaign

The Society of Garden Designers (SGD) has launched the ‘Say No to Plastic Grass & Plants’ Campaign to raise awareness of the extreme environmental damage caused by artificial grass and plants and to encourage the landscape industry and the public to seek environmentally friendly alternatives. Read more - open to all

Impactful snow and cold this week

A major change in the weather is underway for the UK, according to the Met Office, as cold air moves in from the north, bringing snow, ice and low temperatures for many. Read more - members only

Driest February in 30 years for England

England had its driest February in 30 years according to figures from the Met Office, following significant spells of low temperature at the start of winter. Read more - members only

News from the aisles of the Garden Press Event

The 2023 Garden Press Event was filled with innovation driven by the quest for greater sustainability; and bloggers feeding the interest of younger plant lovers. Read more - members only

Andermatt's beneficial bugs and biodegradable netting

Gardeners invited to help solve aphid mystery

The RHS is calling on gardeners to send in sightings of the giant willow aphid (Tuberolachnus salignus) to help learn more about this elusive species and the ways it interacts with garden plants. Read more - members only

Giant willow aphid (Tuberolachnus salignus) on Willow (Salix daphnoides) - RHS / Andrew Halstead

We are one hot, dry spell away from drought

We are one hot, dry spell away from drought returning this summer, warns National Drought Group.  Rainfall over the next three months will be vital. Read more - members only

Government unveils 5 year plant biosecurity strategy

The Government has set out a new five-year strategy to protect Britain’s plant health, native species and biosecurity, from the mounting threat of invasive pests and diseases. Read more - members only

The headlines that made 2022 unique - a round-up

2022 was dominated by the recovery from the distortions to trade caused by Covid. It was a year of acquisitions. There were some game changers and sadly we lost some leading characters. Read more - open to all

The YPHA - a game changer for young people in horticulture

New studies show environmental benefit of real Christmas trees

Ground-breaking new research shows that real Christmas trees provide a brilliant habitat for wildlife in the UK. Read more - open to all

Westland celebrates with EIGHT GIMA Awards

Sword of Honour in the 2022 GIMA Awards was won by Boost All Purpose Plant Food by Westland, who also scooped 7 other awards. Meadow View Stone retains the Supplier of the Year title. Read more - members only

Westland celebrate receiving the 2022 Sword of Excellence

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