November is forecast to continue milder and drier than average

Wiseweather predicts a cooler spell at the end of next week in an otherwise mild month. Read more - members only

Confusing plastic bag levy starts today in England

Large English retailers, including some garden centres, will be forced to charge their customers 5p from today (Oct 5) for plastic carrier bags, unless… Read more - members only

Bayer replaces Thiacloprid

Bayer is replacing Thiacloprid in its insecticides, although it is not one of the banned neonicotinoid class. Read more - members only

How will Osborne’s proposals for automatic planning permission affect garden centres?

Will Osborne’s planning proposals generate extra sales for garden centres? Or will owners be selling up for housing? Gardenforum asks the experts Malcolm Scott and Paul Pleydell. Read more - members only

The NT re-opens Morden Hall as a peat-free garden centre

Having ousted its tenant, Capital Gardens, the National Trust will officially reopen Morden Hall Park next month as a peat free garden centre. It claims to be the UK’s first but is it? Read more - members only

Ed Ikin (Centre) with Terry O'Brien and Dan Cooke

New legislation affecting sale of garden chemicals

From 26th November most garden retailers will be required by law to have a trained and certificated member of staff available when they sell garden chemicals.  The HTA and Crop Protection Association have a solution. Read more - members only

Review of 2014 in the Garden Industry

2014 has been dominated by the repositioning of the major gardening goods distributors following the demise of Solus.  The weather for once provided a good news story and towards the end of the year there was a flurry of activity from Wyevale as it picked up eight long established independent garden centres.  See the full review – which is open to all… Read more - open to all

FOE puts the boot into Paterson

FOE says Owen Paterson has been the worst Environment Secretary for decades and says the PM is right to remove him. See more… Read more - members only

Do sausages and bacon carry a greater risk of cancer than glyphosate?

Having classified glyphosate as being “probably carcinogenic to humans” the IARC has now classified processed meats such as bacon, sausages and burgers in the higher classification, “carcinogenic to humans”. Read more - members only

Bronze Age problem for Westland

Westland Horticulture has run into trouble with conservationists over the continuing extraction of peat at an archaeological site at Mayne Bog in Coole, Co Westmeath after a Bronze Age oak road was discovered in 2005. Read more - members only

Warnings of wasps across the country

Local newspapers across the country have picked up a warning from Wyevale that homeowners can expect the ‘invasion’ of hungry wasps to continue for the next few weeks. Read more - members only

Industry support blossoms for Cultivation Street

Over 100 garden centres are backing Cultivation Street in its third year, with prominent displays and entry forms. There is also backing from Kew Gardens and the Prince’s Foundation. Read more - members only

GMA to set new standards for growing media

As peat consumption looks to have gone up again, two new tools will demonstrate the industry's commitment to producing growing media that is fit for purpose and sourced with environmental consideration at heart. Read more - members only

Valentine’s Day is for the birds

Valentines Day sees the start of National Nest Box Week as we are not the only creatures to get romantic as spring approaches.   The BTO offers an information pack and ideas. Read more - members only

Over that last 20 years Bents have been piling up their green waste

Recently they called upon a local farmer who had a composting machine to recycle the waste into compost. Read more - members only

Are ferric phosphate slug pellets really safer?

Which? Gardening has published research that questions whether ferric phosphate slug pellets are any safer for pets and wildlife than those containing metaldehyde. See more… Read more - open to all

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