GIMA warns of scam orders

GIMA has warned suppliers about scam orders, in particular one purporting to come from Tesco. See more… Read more - members only

6 years for garden centre thieves

8 men have been jailed for a sophisticated series of break-ins at garden centres across the Midlands during 2011 and 2012. See more... Read more - members only

Risk of plant shortages as good spring weather is forecast

Long range weather predictions prepared for Delamore Young Plants suggest a better than average April and May. With production down by 15 - 25%, the nursery predicts plant shortages. See more... Read more - members only

Inspiring ideas from the GCA conference

There were many inspirational moments at the GCA's conference earlier this week. Here are some thought provoking one-liners. Pick two or three for your next brainstorming session. See more... Read more - members only

Relief at Christmas sales

There is a general air of relief that Christmas trading was better than feared, but without being wonderful. Garden centres that invested in the gift ranges were rewarded with significantly higher sales. See more... Read more - members only

Christmas sales recoup some losses earlier in the year

Christmas sales at the end of November were up 10%, making it the fourth year of growth for the category. Overall revenue is up 3.4% but many garden centres missed out with sales below last year. See more... Read more - members only

Successful roll out for Virgin at garden centres

There has been a flurry of high street retailers taking concessions on garden centres as owners look to stabilise their cash-flow. One conspicuous success has been the introduction of Virgin Experience Days, which is now seeking to roll out to all garden centres. See more... Read more - members only

Flowers, Love and Money

Flowers, Love and Money, an exhibition at The Garden Museum, London that starts next Valentine’s Day and is sponsored by The Telegraph Gardening Supplement, would make an interesting trip for garden centre’s club members. See more… Read more - members only

HTA meets minister as nurseries threaten to sue over chalara

There is still no clarity about the spread of Chalara fraxinae, the ash dieback disease. There are still no plans, other than a ban on all tree movements, to prevent it destroying 90% of ash trees in the UK. Now the politicians are playing the blame game, while UK nurseries face huge losses. See more... Read more - members only

High street multiples are closing shops at the rate of 32 a day

PwC reports that the retail and consumer industry is facing increasing pressure. 952 shops closed in the first half of 2012 compared to 174 in the whole of 2011. See more... Read more - members only

Future Marketing moves North of the border

Simpsons of Inverness are the latest independent business to join Future Marketing. There is also news that Millbrook Garden Centre have decided to bring their second centre into the marketing group for independent garden centres. See more... Read more - members only

Industry concerns at UK findings of Ash Dieback

The HTA is seeking to raise awareness of Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea), after the discovery of the disease at a number of UK sites over recent weeks. See more... Read more - members only

Plants and Products in the final Love Your Garden

Here are the plants and products featured in the final episode of Love Your Garden. Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney and the team created a garden at Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice in South Yorkshire. See more... (open to all) Read more - open to all

Northern GCA winners have a familiar look

Winners from the Midlands and the North in the judging for GCA best garden centre have a familiar look to them – with one exception. See more... Read more - members only

GCA reveals first regional garden centre winners

The GCA has announced the first regional awards in the judging to find the country’s best garden centres. Winners from Wales & West, North and South Thames will be subject to a second assessment before the overall winner is revealed in January. See more... Read more - members only

Largest garden centres did best in February

The GCA reports that February sales were 5.5% up on the same month last year. But 29 of the 63 garden centres in the monthly survey actually reported a fall in sales. See more... Read more - members only

Call for garden centre exemption from Easter laws

Peter Burks, Chairman of the Garden Centre Association (GCA) and its members are this month calling for the Easter trading laws to be relaxed so gardeners can enjoy four days of uninterrupted sowing and planting. See more... Read more - members only

Do you qualify for a DCF Horticultural Scholarship?

Listen up gardening experts, the David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) is offering multiple scholarships to those who are set on a career in horticulture. But there are less than two months left to apply. See more... Read more - members only

Sheds withdraw pesticides suspected of harming bees (UPDATED)

Homebase, B&Q and Wickes have responded to pressure and removed 2 bug killers that contain a form of nicotinoid that has been linked with damage to the bee population. A Gardenforum investigation shows that few retail products now contain the suspect active ingredients. See more... Read more - members only

Gardenforum’s Review of 2012

Here’s a summary of the news that has filled the Gardenforum pages in 2012. It is dominated by the impact of the weather and perhaps the economy. The story is open to all our readers. See more... Read more - open to all

Out-dated and bureaucratic AWB to be scrapped in 2013

Farming minister, David Heath has announced that the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) will be scrapped, probably taking effect from 1st October 2013. See more... Read more - members only

Minister answers horticulture's call for a little help

Scotts’ Martin Breddy uses Commons meeting to call for more help from Government and expresses fears about the economy. Defra Minister promises action to build confidence in new forms of growing media. See more… Read more - members only

Orders books remain strong for landscapers

Marshalls’ sales to the domestic market fall 13%. But this is largely weather related as order books for domestic landscapers remain strong and customer confidence is stable. See more... Read more - members only

All movements of ash are banned (Updated)

The government has banned the import of ash trees and movement restrictions have been imposed on all ash products. See more… Read more - members only

Defra consults on AWB abolition

After a 2 year delay Defra has launched its consultation over its proposals to abolish the AWB, which imposed a 2.6% wage increase on growers in June. See more... Read more - members only

Talking points from Glee

Here are some of the talking points from Glee including the prospect of a peat shortage, the absence of the new chief executive of the GCA and unrest among sales agents. See more... Read more - members only

More Garden Centres make the news

Two garden centres were forced to close temporarily, one because of bees, the other due to a legal dispute. 3 Others are expanding and see how Tesco portrays Dobbies. See more… Read more - members only

Garden centres in the News

Here’s a pick of what newspapers have been reporting about garden centres in the last few days. Stories cover Dobbies, Carpenders Park, Frosts at Woburn Sands, Hayes Garden World and Swindon Garden Centre. See more… Read more - members only

Cannabis factory on garden centre leads to jail

Kent online reports that two men have been jailed for growing cannabis that would sell for more than £500,000, at a garden centre in Broadstairs. See more... Read more - members only

NT opens secret facility to save threatened plants

The National Trust has opened a secret plant propagation facility to ensure the survival of threatened plants at NT properties. It will also assist private plant collections. See more... Read more - members only

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