Sunday Trading debate likely to be controversial

Sunday Trading is likely to be controversial with MP’s as it is debated in the House of Commons on March 8th and 9th, both for its substance and for the way the Government has added it to the Enterprise Bill. Read more - members only

We’d have to comply with new EU regs even if the UK votes ‘No’

If the UK leaves the EU, it would still have to comply with the new plant health regulations being introduced later this year, says MEP as she outlines the timetable for the new legislation. Read more - members only

Angela McIntyre MEP with Raoul Curtis-Machin

Sunday Trading to be debated in parliament in the next fortnight

Zoning presents a possible threat to out of town retailers as Government proposals to relax Sunday Trading Laws are added to the Enterprise Bill. Read more - members only

New Yankee Candle scam – More Calls UPDATE

Retailers have been receiving bogus calls seeking to place big orders for Yankee candles, paid for with cloned credit cards.  THIS SCAM IS STILL HAPPENING. Read more - members only

Cultivation Street calls on garden centres to name their ambassadors

“We need to dispel the myth that garden centres are the place for experts,” said David Domoney. He is calling on every garden centre to nominate their ambassador and so build a network of mentors to help people and communities who would like to start growing. Read more - members only

Squire’s at Twickenham wins top plant area award

GCA today revealed which garden centres are the best for plants, garden products, outdoor living products and garden furniture. Read more - members only

Squire's Julie Leatherdale & Ian Hammond with new GCA chairman, Julian Winfield

“We are entering a golden age for the horticulture industry” Carol Paris

Carol Paris says, “We are entering a golden age for the horticulture industry” as Minister, George Eustace promises to do what he can to help the industry implement its new Ornamental Horticulture Action Plan. Read more - members only

Christmas started late but came good in the end

Trading over Christmas has been good for garden centres, but gets ever more complicated with Black Friday, Internet discounting and fears of trees shedding their needles. Read more - members only

National Children’s Gardening Week – Year 2

Initiated last year, the second National Children’s Gardening Week will take place over the spring half term at the end of May. Read more - members only

Tuesday is best for an e-shot

The HTA Marketing Forum heard tips on how to get the best from social media with tips like send an e-shot on a Tuesday or Wednesday and how not to over-sell. Read more - members only

Edwin Meijer

Do sausages and bacon carry a greater risk of cancer than glyphosate?

Having classified glyphosate as being “probably carcinogenic to humans” the IARC has now classified processed meats such as bacon, sausages and burgers in the higher classification, “carcinogenic to humans”. Read more - members only

SNP could decide English & Welsh Sunday Trading legislation in the UK

Proposals to give local councils the power to decide Sunday Trading hours could be defeated in a House of Commons vote in the next 10 days, according to the weekend press. Read more - members only

Confusing plastic bag levy starts today in England

Large English retailers, including some garden centres, will be forced to charge their customers 5p from today (Oct 5) for plastic carrier bags, unless… Read more - members only

Plants now take second place to catering

If August is wet plant sales prosper. If it is dry garden furniture sales do well. Last month was different. It was wet and dry in different areas and both categories flourished according to the latest GCA figures. But long term trend shows the proportional fall of traditional gardening. Read more - members only

Paradise Park

Warnings of wasps across the country

Local newspapers across the country have picked up a warning from Wyevale that homeowners can expect the ‘invasion’ of hungry wasps to continue for the next few weeks. Read more - members only

Restaurants and gifts kept tills ringing in January

Restaurants and gifts kept tills ringing in January as the dull, wet January delayed the purchase of plants, seeds and bulbs. But it was not an even picture across the country. Read more - members only

Ugly veg to raise funds for Greenfingers

Matthew Appleby and the publishers of his new book The Children’s Garden have promised 20% of the royalties to Greenfingers. The book includes projects such as the Ugly Veg. Read more - members only

How can we engage future generations through disruptive technology?

Watch a live debate with leading influencers on Garden Tags, a new blog site for gardening writers and gardeners, on the eve of the Garden Press Event. Read more - members only

“The days of Garden Centres being as they are, are over”

“The current model of retail won’t last,” says Ken Hughes. Read why and some great ideas from the GCA conference. Read more - members only

Ken Hughes

Garden Wise and Barton Grange are the top GCA garden centres

Barton Grange made it five in a row beating Bents and Burston by the narrowest of margins to be GCA large destination Garden Centre of the Year.  Garden Wise was named garden centre of the year. Read more - members only

Anne Radley, Joanne & Gillian Bertram of Garden Wise, with GIMA's Vicky Nuttall and Julian Winfield,

Garden centres are getting bigger but blander

Malcolm Scott says, “The danger is that garden centres are getting bigger and bigger, but blander and blander.” His colleague, Chris Primett explains how the new Garsons restaurant is different. Read more - members only

Garsons' new restaurant

Garden centres targeted by thieves

Some garden centres have been in the news for the wrong reasons, falling victims to thieves and the weather. Read more - members only

Review of 2015 in the Garden Industry

2015 was an eventful year in the garden sector. Here is a round-up of some of the most important stories on Gardenforum throughout the year. This article is open to non-members. Read more - open to all

Bicester, one of the 8 garden centres bought by Black Rock for £112.5m

Will EFSA decision end the campaign against glyphosate?

The latest ruling by EFSA concludes glyphosate is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard to humans. Will this decision end the campaign against glyphosate? Read more - members only

Relaxing Sunday trading laws in England will make no difference to Scottish workers’ pay, says HTA

The HTA has reacted to news that a combination of dissident Tory MP’s and the Scottish Nationalists has thwarted the Government’s ambition to relax Sunday trading rules. Read more - members only

Sunny September did little for garden centre sales

Gardening sales fell in a sunny but cool September, while restaurants and food halls prospered. There is now clear evidence that the North has outperformed the rest in 2015 so far. Read more - members only

Restaurant at Blue Diamond's Le Friquet garden centre

Economic outlook is pretty good for garden retail, but …

Economic outlook is pretty good for garden centres, but there is a long term threat – the huge change in the housing market. Interest rates, however, will stay low. Read more - members only

Simon Jack

Which independent garden centres are expanding?

With the likelihood that further independents will announce they are selling to Wyevale, Gardenforum examines what new garden centres are being built and which sites are getting bigger. And is 'an independent' still a useful term? Read more - members only

Restaurant at Groves, Bridport

Glee is back with a vengeance!

For many exhibitors it was the best Glee for several years, although not everyone was as pleased. Read our news from the aisles of Glee. Read more - members only

Garden centres prosper in July despite the rain

Whether it is cooler and wetter or hot and dry, garden centres can prosper in the summer months and so it proved with the GCA statistics for July showing strong growth. Read more - members only

Coletta & Tyson

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