New garden and outdoor living show to rival Glee

Clarion Events has joined forces with the HTA and Gardenex to launch Garden Expo 2010, a plant and gardening show to rival Glee and Solex. See more... Read more - members only

June - Sunny & warm, especially in the North

After a cool, showery spell in the second week, Wiseweather expects a warm end to June especially in the North. See more... Read more - members only

Last chance to nominate The Greatest Garden Centre Teams

At the end of next week the Garden Trade News and Garden Radio judges start visiting all of the garden centre teams that have been nominated by members of the trade as "The Greatest" in their individual sales speciality. See more... Read more - open to all

9 days left for Garden Innovators

It appears that some garden manufacturers are in danger of missing the earlier, May 29th, deadline for entering new products for the GIMA awards. See more... Read more - members only

Bank Holiday was not so hot

The latest reports from the GTN Bestsellers show sales volumes fell 18% last week compared to 2008. See more… Read more - members only

1600 garden retailers sign up for Sunday Times promotion

New research for the HTA, which shows that younger people are showing an interest in gardening more, has spawned a series of initiatives to maintain sales momentum during the recession. See more... Read more - members only

Planning success saves Plants Galore

Malcolm Scott Consultants Ltd have won planning permission for Plants Galore that rescues them from closure under an enforcement notice. See more… Read more - members only

Odds on for a barbecue summer

"After two disappointingly-wet summers, the signs are much more promising this year. We can expect times when temperatures will be above 30 °C, something we hardly saw at all last year." So says the Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office. See more... Read more - open to all

Don’t miss The Big Lunch

Garden centres that ignore The Big Lunch will be losing out on an important opportunity to connect with their community. July 19th is likely to become a national focal point of the summer. See more... Read more - members only

Wiseweather predicts a sunny Easter

The long range weather forecast from Wiseweather predicts rain that will dry up in time for a sunny Easter. See more... Read more - members only

Falling sterling cited as good reason for joining Gardenex

The five most recent British garden product suppliers to join Gardenex export federation have cited the recent falls in sterling, making British products more competitive in overseas markets, as a good reason to join. Read more - members only

GCA seeks scholarship candidates

Each year, the Garden Centre Association Trust awards two scholarships to support students undergoing horticultural training. The GCA is looking for nominations for the academic year that starts this autumn. See more... Read more - members only

BRC Director-General to address GIMA

“Let's face it; things are in a mess at the moment. And the thinking that got us into the mess isn't going to get us out of it.” Advice from one of the challenging speakers at the GIMA meeting to be held on March 26th. See more... Read more - members only

Four Oaks Direct holds Flower Power Fair

Around 20 nurseries from the North of England will be selling a range of garden and house plants on Mother's Day at the first Flower Power Fair of 2009, which will be held at Four Oaks Direct. See more... Read more - members only

Mass online vote to find best garden centre

Gardeners’ World magazine, with a circulation of 330,000, has unveiled the Gardeners’ World Awards. Anyone can vote in the on-line survey, which is looking for the best and worst in gardening, including the best garden centres. See more... Read more - members only

GIMA Business Meeting – the green shoots of sales

Speakers announced for the GIMA Business Meeting on the 11th June include the gardening buyer for leading TV shopping channel QVC, Chris Gardener. Plus Paul Peacock, “Mr Dig-it”. See more... Read more - open to all

GIMA Awards Dinner - a sell out, Not any More!

Extra seating capacity is being arranged for the GIMA Awards Dinner on the 16th June at the Cotswold Water Park Hotel. The original capacity for 300 guests has been filled. The awards will be presented by Philippa Forrester, with entertainment from Mark Watson. See more... Read more - members only

Garden Centre awarded £50,000 from the NWDA

Northwich-based Acton Bridge Nursery and Shrub Centre has been awarded a £50,000 loan as part of the North West Regional Development Agency’s ‘Small Loans for Business’ programme. See more... Read more - members only

Garden centres now 10% ahead of last year

Two months of good weather have reversed the fortunes of garden centres. GCA Barometer of Trade figures suggest that, by the end of April, annual sales were 10% ahead. However, it will be the end of June before reliable comparisons can be made. See more... Read more - members only

New learning centre for RHS Rosemoor

Devon County Council is to provide £500,000 for a new learning centre at RHS Rosemoor. More than 6000 primary school pupils will benefit from the new facilities. See more... Read more - members only

“This is not the time to be invisible,” says Glee director

"Glee is still the best opportunity to meet the widest possible audience," says director, Dan Thurlow. Additions to the 2009 show will include entrepreneur booths and displays of products in themed settings. See more... Read more - members only

May slightly sunnier and warmer, but...

Wiseweather predicts that May will be warmer and drier than average despite a cool unsettled period in the middle of the month. There will be a North/South split. See more... Read more - members only

Enter in May or rue the day!

With judges from B&Q, Tesco and several leading garden centres, just entering the GIMA Awards will provide valuable exposure to new products. Winning is a bonus. The competition is open to all. See more... Read more - members only

de Graaff launches garden centre incentive scheme

Eimert de Graaff, the founder and former chief executive of Hart, has launched a new garden centre incentive scheme, QV. Five garden centres have joined already. See more... Read more - members only

Good advice for a recession

“Retention of title on the invoice is not enough”; “Words I never want to hear again - Stay within budget"'; “Stay calm, listen to your staff, get into a helicopter...” - Just some of the advice offered at the latest GIMA meeting. See more... Read more - members only

£850k reward for Choice

Choice Marketing members are celebrating the completion of another successful year with a huge rebate of £850,000 for achieving agreed targets with their key suppliers. See more... Read more - members only

Spring brings new life to Hebe

Spring has brought new life to Hebe, the HTA's electronic trading service, first proposed 3 years ago. Solus, the UK industry's leading wholesaler has signed a contract to run a pilot with six leading garden centres, for two months this spring. See more... Read more - members only

Cotton Traders to open in 15 more garden centres

With recession savaging the high street, there is strong demand from retailers, seeking franchises on garden centres, where the flow of the ‘right type’ of customer remains strong. See more... Read more - members only

Increased Government Grants for UK exhibitors

British exporters wishing to reach the $100 billion North American lawn and garden market by exhibiting at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in May 2009 can do so for as little as £1,500 following an increase in Government funding for eligible exhibitors. See more... Read more - members only

March long range weather - good for gardeners?

Although there is an unsettled feel to March, there should be more sun and less rain than average. See more... Read more - members only

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