Plant sales 82% up in February

GCA figures for February suggest that it was a good month for garden centres. Sales were up by 34% with hardy plants selling best. See more... Read more

Choice Marketing adds 5 more garden centres

Another successful year for members of Choice Marketing means they will share a rebate of £1.2 million from their key suppliers. Five more garden centres have been added to the group. See more... Read more

It’s all about cup cakes

Garden centre catering is all about baking. Why have you chosen counter rather than waiter service? Make it in-house - you can always taste the difference. These are just some of the points from the recent HTA Catering conference. See more... Read more

Seabrook to address GIMA at Squire’s

The next GIMA AGM will be held at Squire’s rebuilt garden at Shepperton. Attendees will be treated to a preview, the afternoon before its official opening and will enjoy some high profile speakers. See more... Read more

Golden Acres calls time on GAN

Yesterday’s GAN Trade Show will be the last says Golden Acres. With four garden centres, the nursery needs the space for growing. See more... Read more

New 'Plant Selector' Launched

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has just launched its new ‘Plant Selector’, This web-based service is an invaluable tool for gardeners trying to decide which plants are best for their garden. Read more

No return to freezing conditions in February

February should be slightly duller, warmer and drier than average according to the latest long range forecast from Wiseweather. See more... Read more

Garden Centre sales increased 1% in 2010

The Garden Centre Association has finalised its figures for 2010 sales. Overall sales increased by 1% with the biggest gains contributed by smaller garden centres in the North. See more... Read more

Strong results from the private garden centre groups

2009/10 was a good time for the privately owned garden centre groups as DJ Squire, Haskins, Poplar Nursery and Barton Grange all report a significant lift in profits. Among the suppliers, J Parker Dutch Bulbs, Thompson & Morgan and Woodlodge also published strong results. See more... (This article is open to all readers)... Read more

GIMA seeks answers to some difficult questions

The first quarterly Business Meeting of GIMA, will look from a different angle at how others see "your products" and hear from a leading retailer on what is required to get a position on its shelves. See more... Read more

Directors’ pay fell in 2010 in the garden industry

The HTA’s 2010 salary survey shows that pay rates for senior posts within garden centres and nurseries fell despite a general rise across the gardening sector of 2.1%. See more... Read more

Colder weather to persist through December

Wiseweather predicts that the wintry weather will continue through December with temperatures and rainfall both being below average. See more... Read more

Glee revises floor plan for 2011 as bookings jump

Glee has revised the Hall layout for 2011, moving Pet Index, and introduces a new image and display concept for Glee Nursery. Bookings are well ahead of 2010. See more... Read more

HTA warns of trolley gridlock next spring

Following a commitment to employ the CC trolley scanning system by leading nurseries, garden centres and logistics companies, The HTA is predicting trolley gridlock next spring if the estimated one million unregistered trolleys remain untagged. See more... Read more

Are garden centre sales up or down in 2010 - who do you believe?

Sales of Christmas goods were 14% up during October according to latest figures from the GCA. But there is a big discrepancy between reports from the HTA and the GCA over whether garden centre sales are ahead of or behind last year. See more... Read more

The colour is blue and Iris is the plant for Chelsea 2011

With designs approved for the gardens and stands at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, the trends are emerging. Blue is the colour, the ‘In’ plant will be the Iris and themes include plant hunting. There is also to be an award for the best new product. See more… Read more

Opportunity for exports to Belgium, Denmark and the US

UK garden manufacturers have the opportunity to meet export buyers from Belgium’s largest garden centre chain, plus distributors from Denmark and the US at the next Gardenex "Meet the Buyer" event. See more... Read more

Learn how localism and planning changes could affect property values

How can the planning system be used to enhance garden centre values and increase turnover?  Legislation changes and the implications of The Coalition’s strategy for localism will mean some owners may need to react quickly, says Malcolm Scott.  See more... Read more

High pressure will dominate March

March will be a month dominated by areas of high pressure close to or over the UK. This will bring some pleasant sunny days for many after any overnight mist or fog clears but will give rather cold nights especially inland. See more… Read more

Retailers must tag trolleys now to avoid spring chaos

Retailers must tag trolleys now to avoid spring chaos, says the HTA. Following the introduction of the RFID tagging of CC trolleys on 10 January, growers are reporting that up to 25% of garden centres that they are delivering to do not have sufficient numbers of tagged trolleys to exchange. Read more

New Planteria concept to attract growers back to Glee

Glee has detailed a plan to win nurseries back to the show with bench displays that make it cheaper and easier to exhibit. Plus there is a new Glee website. See more... Read more

RHS seeks to collaborate with the garden industry

Following a review, the new RHS leadership recognises the need to work more closely with its partners and colleagues in the garden trade. See more... Read more

Cheque guarantee scheme closes in June

The cheque guarantee scheme closes in June. While businesses can continue to accept cheques after that, payment will no longer be guaranteed. See more... Read more

Depleted reservoirs could mean hosepipe bans next summer

According to a national newspaper, hosepipe bans are possible next summer as low rainfall and burst pipes deplete reservoirs. See more... Read more

2010 – The highlights

Here are the highlights of stories that appeared on the Gardenforum Noticeboard in 2010. If there are any you missed, they are all still available. See more... (Open to All) Read more

PATS adds halls as exhibitor numbers increase

PATS are expanding in time and space showing that they have become established in the pet trade calendar after only 2 years. See more... Read more

R A Meredith and Dobbies focus on logistics

R A Meredith and Dobbies’ e-commerce improve their logistics and trim costs as they prepare for expansion next season. See more… Read more

Take solar lights off your Christmas list, warns Which? Gardening

New research from Which? Gardening has found that when it comes to turning your garden into a glittering grotto, solar-powered festive lights are a waste of money. See more... Read more

HTA to repeat popular one-day catering conference

The HTA is to continue its successful one-day conferences with a repeat of its most popular topic, Excellence in Garden Centre Catering. See more... Read more

Westland takes Masterclass on the road

Westland Horticulture has announced a series of educational days across the UK for garden retail staff. See more... Read more

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