Dobbies wins public support for Peterborough

A plan to create a new Dobbies Garden Centre at Hampton, Peterborough, has been given overwhelming support by the public. Read more

Lloyds Bank to sell Faversham

The garden centre site at Faversham, where a Bicester style development is planned, is to be sold by Lloyds Bank. See more... Read more

Squire's closes Shepperton for winter rebuild

The bulldozers have moved on to the Squire’s garden centre at Shepperton, flattening the old centre in preparation for a major redevelopment. See more... Read more

Caddington Garden Centre to rise from the ashes?

New owner lodges planning application to rebuild Caddington Garden Centre, destroyed by fire two years ago. See more... Read more

Tesco revives plans to convert former Hurrans garden centre

Tesco has revived plans to convert the former Hurrans garden centre at Churchdown to be a community store. See more... Read more

Two garden centres to close

Two garden centres, one at each end of the country, are to close and be redeveloped for other uses. See more... Read more

Fire destroys Hampshire garden centre

Fire has destroyed the Country Market Garden centre and farm shop in Hampshire. The building is completely destroyed. See more… Read more

Vandals ravage Coblands Nursery

Vandals have caused £30,000 of damage to Coblands Nursery in Tonbridge. Polytunnels were ripped and irrigation stolen. See more... Read more

Garden centres continue to invest through the recession

The recession has not dampened the enthusiasm of garden centres to expand. Last year Malcolm Scott Consultants won planning permission for over 470,000 ft.² of new covered sales area. This includes extensions to some of the country's biggest garden centres. See more… Read more

TGCG sells Shiplake

The Garden Centre Group has sold Shiplake Nursery and Garden Centre, which will close at the end of the month. See more... Read more

2009 Review - Part 2: July to December

With trade strong, attention turned to the battle between the increased number of trade shows in 2010. Many garden centres won planning permission to extend. Corporate activity continued among suppliers. See more... (This article is open to all) Read more

2009 Review - Part 1: January to June

There was a nervous feel to the start of 2009.  The Banking crisis was in full swing.  No one knew whether consumer demand would come to an abrupt halt after Christmas and garden suppliers were anxiously waiting for confirmation of Wyevale’s financial restructuring.   This review is open to all. See more... Read more

Tesco consults over Churchdown garden centre

Local press reports that Tesco are planning a community supermarket on the former Hurrans Garden Centre at Churchdown, Cheltenham. See more... Read more

Major expansion for Gates Nursery and Garden Centre

Gates Nursery and Garden Centre has won permission to extend the retail area by 2500 sq m, which will include increasing seating in the restaurant to 450. See more... Read more

Planners recommend approval for Dobbies in Carlisle

According to Carlisle’s News & Star, Dobbies is hoping to overturn earlier objections and win planning permission for a new garden centre in competition with Klondyke’s Houghton Hall. See more... Read more

Councillors give go-ahead to Dobbies in Carlisle

Carlisle councillors have approved the scaled down plans for a new Dobbies Garden Centre in Carlisle. It will be one of four new centres to open next spring. See more... Read more

Planning permission for Belton Garden Centre

Belton Garden Centre, bought 3 years ago by the owners of Ruskington Garden Centre, has been granted plannng permission for a £2m development. See more... Read more

Dobbies plans six more garden centres for 2011

The Dobbies' pipeline for new garden centres is growing. Four new garden centres are scheduled to open next spring, with a further two later in 2011. See more... Read more

Logistics shake-up for B&Q

B&Q is to end its third-party logistics agreements and plans a huge new distribution centre at Swindon. See more… Read more

Dobbies proposes Liverpool garden centre

Dobbies has announced plans for a new £8 million garden centre at Speke near Liverpool airport. See more... Read more

Council grants permission for a new GC then changes its mind

Two weeks ago, permission was granted for the development of a new garden centre at Wellington. Now the council has suspended permission following a public outcry. See more... Read more

Planning consent for new Wellington garden centre

Taunton Deane Council has granted planning permission for a new garden centre in Wellington, Somerset. See more... Read more

Beckworth Emporium builds on a successful start

So successful has been Beckworth Emporium in its first 9 months that John Kitching, former Blooms CX, and David Brown are adding 24,000 ft.² of new buildings. See more... Read more

Dobbies wins approval for Lisburn

After four years, Dobbies has won approval to build a £12 million garden centre at Lisburn, Northern Ireland. See more... Read more

Peterborough Garden Park opens in February

Peterborough Garden Park, with a high profile destination garden centre designed by Van Hage as the focal point, opens its doors on 5th of February. See more... Read more

Dobbies scales down Carlisle plans

Having won planning permission last month for a 62,000 sq ft. garden centre in Carlisle, Dobbies has decided to half the size of the project. See more... Read more

Dobbies renews plans at East Kilbride

Dobbies has published a new planning application, which includes a supermarket and hotel, at East Kilbride on the south side of Glasgow. Read more

Dobbies strengthens its roots at Braehead

Dobbies has revealed plans for a new garden centre at Braehead in Renfrew – the town where James Dobbie started his horticultural business in 1865. See more... Read more

Carlisle planners refer Dobbies proposal to Government

Carlisle City Councillors voted on Friday to approve Dobbies plans for a new garden centre at Carlisle, but have deferred the final decision until the Government decides if a public enquiry is required. See more... Read more

Garden centre values hold up

Despite the recession, profitable nurseries and garden centres are selling for the same or more than a year ago, according to Quinton Edwards, who have completed a number of sales recently. See more... Read more

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