Selling more plants starts with Google

Company: Garden Connect

Do you want to sell more plants? Do you wonder how you can reach your target audience in a more efficient and affordable way? Or are you interested in learning how Google can help you to attract new customers to your garden centre? Visit Garden Connect at the HTA Plant Show to learn everything about Google and how it can help you to sell more plants online!

Garden Connect has been helping garden centres since 2002 to reach out to new customers via the Internet. "In the UK alone 500,000 people are looking for information about hydrangeas on Google every year. That's a lot of people who are using Google to find information about just one plant. Imagine the number of people looking for information about fruit trees, bulbs and compost. Every day millions of search queries are being made by UK consumers. Those people are looking for tips and places to buy plants. We help customers to tap into this potential. " Explains Edwin Meijer, MD of Garden Connect.

How can Google increase my sales in store?

At the Plant Show garden centres and nurseries can join the Garden Connect stand to learn more about the opportunities the Internet has to offer. "Not just for selling online, but it's useful to attract local customers from your community to your garden centre. Everyday consumers from your local area are buying products for their garden online. Sometimes, because it's convenient, but sometimes it's because they don't realise that their local garden centre is selling the same products. "

Garden Connect has put a lot of work in on many projects over the last year to make life easier for garden centres, nurseries and even the HTA. "We renewed the Plant Show website and setup the brand new Nursery Supply Show website for the HTA. We also developed ordering apps for multiple nurseries. This helps them to collect orders from retail - and wholesale customers via a smartphone. A time-saving service which reduces laborious paperwork from the offices. We've also been involved in renewing many websites and web shops for British and Irish garden centres including integration with EPoS systems. So it's all very exciting. "

Visit us at the Plant Show

So, whether you want to sell more plants, are struggling with old-fashioned paperwork at your nursery or you want to renew your website or shop: be sure to visit Garden Connect at the Plant Show!

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