The Horti House shows the future for UK houseplants

The Horti House held its first Showcase at Double H Nurseries.  It welcomed 60 garden centre visitors to show how they produce peat-free houseplants in the UK. Read more - members only

The Future Range

Guide to Workplace Safety

I’m working with RS Components to share an in-depth online resource they created to help raise more awareness about health and safety in our workplaces. Read more - open to all

National Gardening Week: Weed out unwanted joint pain

With the country’s biggest annual celebration of gardening, National Gardening Week, just around the corner, there is no better time to flex your green fingers whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Making the most of our gardens may be easier said than done for those 17 million adults in the UK affected by a musculoskeletal condition. Read more - open to all