Storing pesticides and weedkillers is now a major compliance headache

Most published material relating to pesticides, both scientific and in the media, focuses on negative attributes. A paper on the subject revealed a ratio of 40 negative articles for each one that took a more positive view.

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Keith Gallacher is Director of Complete Weed Control Scotland

Hillier releases a comprehensive tree guide for landscape professionals

Hillier, the UK’s largest grower of semi-mature trees in the UK, has spent the last five years researching and curating a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive tree guide. Read more - open to all

Adam Dunnett, Amenity Director at Hillier with Tree Guide at the launch event.

Sustainability in tough economic times

Liz Williams covers the financial benefits of sustainability (reduced waste, efficiency, energy/inputs cost reduction) and gives examples of ‘how to’ realise financial and environmental benefits from sustainability. Read more - open to all

Greenwood Plants aims for Sustainability leadership

Achieving sustainability leadership is a major focus of Greenwood Plant’s commercial growth strategy, which is based on becoming fully carbon neutral, growing in the greenest way... Read more - open to all

Peat-free trials

The Environmental Benefits of Coir in Peat-Free Gardening

Southern Trident sets out the arguments in favour of coconut coir as an alternative to peat in growing media. Read more - open to all

Fibre mill

Getting started with a sustainability plan – how and why

Liz Williams from the HTA covers getting started with a sustainability plan, the benefits of this, quick wins vs longer term activities, examples from horticulture, resources available to help you. Read more - open to all

Liz Williams

Industry guide for synthetic turf recycling facilities published

In response to an increasing need to dispose of end-of-life synthetic turf in an environmentally-sensitive way, ESTC (the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council) has launched a new guide to recycling facilities across Europe. Read more - open to all

Map of Recycling Facilities for synthetic turf systems in Europe - ESTC Guide

The Responsible Sourcing Scheme for scoring growing media

With the RSS score consumers and retailers can see at a glance that a bag of compost with a green ‘A’ rating is more responsibly produced than a yellow ‘C’ rated product. Read more - open to all

How Garden Centres can become the heart of a community

Trewin Restorick suggest 3 strategies for garden centres to respond to a dual crisis of climate change and economic hardship that impact lifestyles and gardening habits. Read more - open to all

Under promise and over deliver

Former GCA chairman, Mike Burks, says the gardening industry has high approval with regard to the environment…  We’d be foolish to waste it. Read more - open to all

Mike Burks

Sustainability challenges ahead for garden suppliers

Suppliers of garden sundries have been trading on their green credentials for years.  But lurking, there’s a Pandora’s box of sustainability challenges. Read more - open to all

Jane Lawler

Seeking a sustainable alternative to peat

Trewin Restorick one of the most influential people in the UK’s recycling and resource sector is researching alternatives to peat. Read more - open to all

Trewin Restorick