An increase in planning application fees

Planning changes have now come into effect that garden centre owners need to be aware of. Read more - open to all

Andrew Burton

Unmanned Concessions – Getting Started

Unmanned Concessions are a relatively new format for garden centre retail but the concept has existed for years.  Also known as the ‘Department Store Concessions Model’, Unmanned Concessions are a new way to introduce ranges and brands in a cost effective, manageable, well merchandised way. Read more - open to all

How could you diversify?

Whether you own a farm and have some empty barns you are looking to convert or a country estate or existing farm shop or food outlet looking to expand, there are many different options and ways you can diversify and create extra revenue. Read more - open to all

Check out your property's value for development

If you are planning to retire, and your pension is not looking as robust as it was, then the value of your Garden Centre site may be your dependable nest egg.  Read more - open to all