Do online ads generate footfall into garden centres?

Company: Garden Connect

Do online ads generate footfall into garden centres? The link between a good position in Google’s index and sales in your bricks & mortar store might not be obvious, surveys have shown clearly: YES, there’s an obvious link between the two! A survey with 13 big retail chains in the US have shown an obvious link. And don’t think “ah, that’s just for the yanks”, as customer behavior isn’t much different in the UK.

Optimising websites for Google and publishing text ads (Adwords) has been a proven method for years to drive high quality traffic to webshops. The link between online ads and offline sales wasn’t really obvious however. The funny thing about this is that most retailers – and that most likely includes yourself – do know there’s a link between online and offline. It is quite hard to make the link visible, apart from asking every customer coming to your centre individually.

The survey in the US focused on 13 retail chains, including a Do It Yourself / Garden store. By publishing text ads in certain area’s the surveyors researched if the ads were driving traffic to the stores – which it did. The survey also researched the average purchase to measure the return on investment, which differed between 4 and 16 dollars per dollar spent!
How can you use this information to drive more traffic to your garden centre? Garden Connect developed a proven successful method to optimise your website for Google. Assuming you’re based in Leicestershire, you want to be visible in Google for, say, “Garden Furniture Leicestershire” as that’s a keyword potential customers are using to research purchases. Give it a try yourself!

Having a link between your products and locations assures you will get more people to your website from Google and, more importantly, from the web to your centre. And that’s what it’s all about!
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