Guide to Workplace Safety

I’m working with RS Components to share an in-depth online resource they created to help raise more awareness about health and safety in our workplaces.

The guide is called “ Workplace Safety: A Practical Guide for Your Business and Employees” and offers plenty of practical information such as:

  • An introduction to workplace safety: What is considered as a 'workplace', the laws regulating workplace safety, and the list of duties and responsibilities of employers in ensuring a safe place to work.
  • Comprehensive and extensive advice on how to ensure a safe workplace such as ensuring good lighting and well-lit premises, safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, and designing workstations to reduce injuries and ill health.
  • Additional safety knowledge around electricity, fire safety, machine and equipment safety, noise safety, slips and trips, and the proper use of personal protective equipment.
  • Other helpful tools and resources about workplace health and safety for employers and businesses.

Workplace Safety: A Practical Guide for Your Business and Employees


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