Greenwood Plants aims for Sustainability leadership

Company: Greenwood Plants
  • Peat-free trials
  • Electric Forklift
  • Greenwood reuses wooden crates and pallets
  • Every Plant Matters handbook

Greenwood Plants is a landscape supply nursery which specialises in the new build property sector. Producing around six million plants a year, it operates from seven nursery sites across the UK, and employes more than 100 people.

Greenwood strives to be the best in the industry through the consistent delivery of an effortless client experience, and it actively lives its company ethos ‘Every Plant Matters.’

Achieving sustainability leadership

Achieving sustainability leadership is a major focus of Greenwood’s commercial growth strategy, which is based on becoming fully carbon neutral, growing in the greenest way possible, being an active stakeholder in local communities and environments, and exercising responsible planetary stewardship.

Over the past year, Greenwood launched its new sustainability strategy and initiated several pioneering practices to use resources efficiently, reduce waste, encourage biodiversity, and improve its carbon footprint - such as switching diesel forklifts and other vehicles to electric, reducing waste, recycling water, and using biodegradable sundries. 

G Cycle scheme

In October 2021 Greenwood launched its innovative G Cycle scheme, where crates, pallets and pots are reused, preserving valuable resources, and significantly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

To date, Greenwood has collected more than 15000 crates and achieved a recycling rate of 72%.  The target is to reach at least 80% by the end of 2023.

Water harvesting

Greenwood, has its own water harvesting systems to collect thousands of litres of water each year, enabling most of its nurseries to be fully sustainably watered.

Greenwood has also invested in state-of-the-art sprinkler systems which use a minimal amount of water in a highly efficient manner, to ensure minimal reliance on external water sources.  

Peat free target

Greenwood aims to be fully peat-free by the end of 2023 and is currently carrying out extensive trials with alternative growing media to support its annual production of more than six million plants.

Local community

Greenwood works closely with the local community as part of its Greenwood the Community scheme, donating plants to schools, mental health charities, and village gardens. Greenwood is proud to support these community planting schemes and aims to complete twenty-four community projects this year. 

CO2 reduction

Greenwood is currently in the process of measuring its carbon footprint with an accredited supplier. By Q4 2022 it will have a full understanding of its carbon footprint and will tailor its sustainability plan around targeting key areas for reduction by the end of 2023.

Generating Employee Engagement

‘Every Plant Matters’

Creating a strong culture of positivity and inclusion is essential to Greenwood. In February 2022, it launched its ‘Every Plant Matters’ campaign to educate, inform and motivate its employees. The concept is based on showing respect and care at every stage of the growing, sales, and aftersales processes, by reducing waste and encouraging innovation.

To bring this to life Greenwood developed an ‘Every Plant Matters’ handbook, summarizing the new brand values (including sustainability), explaining how the principles work in practice, and how every team member can contribute as part of their roles.  

Dedicated inbox for employees

Greenwood also set up a dedicated inbox for employees to nominate their colleagues for Employee of the month or suggest innovative new ideas, incentivising participation with team lunches, shopping vouchers and other rewards.

Every quarter Greenwood produces an internal magazine - G Talk, with the latest company news, successes, and key updates. The latest sustainability initiatives are brought to life, and all nurseries are covered to increase knowledge and understanding across roles.

In addition to this, every month there is an all-employee G Team talk which focuses on a brand value, key results achieved, and best practice.

So far, Greenwood’s ‘Every Plant Matters’ philosophy has been highly effective in delivering a total company mindset that is actively shaping the Company into an increasingly sustainable organisation. For Greenwood communication is essential, along with an implicit understanding the business can only achieve its potential if it harnesses the ingenuity of the full team.

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