New website helps retailers with The Ecommerce Explosion

Company: Fencor Packaging Group

Online sales have been slowly but steadily growing ever since the first transaction in 1994 by a student who sold a CD of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales album to a friend in Philadelphia. The friend used his credit card to pay the $12.48, plus shipping costs in a transaction that, for the first time ever, was protected by encryption technology.

Ever since then we have been tempted by internet offerings of everything from socks, lightbulbs and medications to beds, plants and even houses!

The majority of Ecommerce sales are from smaller items and with the catastrophic pandemic hitting the globe earlier this year and the subsequent lockdowns and travel restrictions, the Ecommerce market has exploded.

With shopping malls and high streets rendered ‘out of bounds’ no one had any choice but to go online and search through myriad digital stores for the items they need, and that included Gardening and plants.

All these items that are travelling around the country to get to their designated postcodes need to be kept safe and secure and that’s where good packaging comes into play.

The Fencor Packaging Group is a company that has managed the CV19 situation in an exemplary way, not only getting through this epidemic but actually having two consecutive record months due to its diligence, investment and product innovation.

Knowing the Ecommerce market was growing at an unforeseen rate, Fencor really took time to understand their client’s needs, their products and the expectations of the consumer.

With the majority of shops shut or at least restricted, the consumer can’t now get the instore ‘experience’ they were used to. And that is a problem for the retailers.

The ‘experience’ has to be recreated in a different form if retailers and brand owners are to get traction in this burgeoning new Ecommerce world and packaging is seen as a major factor in delivering that experience.

The horticultural sector could really learn from some of the early Ecommerce adopters of packaging innovation and apply it to their own brands and product lines.

Here’s the Fencor Packaging top tips for Ecommerce packaging:

  • Packaging should be as sustainable & recyclable as possible.
  • Plastics should be eliminated wherever possible.
  • External branding should be prominent and engaging to stand out for
  • both the consumer and whomever sees it in transit.
  • Internal branding and messaging should give the ‘WOW’ factor when
    the package is opened.
  • Think about adequate protection for your products in transit.
  • Think about internally packaged branded incentives or bonuses.
  • If necessary, think about making the returns process easy.

Fencor prides itself on design, skilled machine operatives and client services who can take away a lot of the stress from sourcing, designing and manufacturing product packaging. So much so, that they have created a new, very niche website designed for SME’s based on Ecommerce packaging. The website, was set up to help answer a lot of the questions that Fencor were being asked by both new Ecommerce businesses and established brands wanting to up their game.

Although answering general packaging questions, the main topics of the new website revolve around sustainability, recycling, reducing plastics, design, branding, packaging news and top tips.

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