The Big Cheese Rodent Control

Local authorities are reporting a sharp increase in emergency callouts to treat rat infestations. Retailers in Rat Hotspots are reporting an upsurge in sales of The Big Cheese DIY rodent control products. Read more - open to all

Clothes moths distress purchases

The post-pandemic boom in upcycling of furniture and vintage clothing is driving continuous growth of domestic clothes moth infestations and demand for easy-to-use home remedies. Read more - open to all


Flea population explosion!

Sales of Zero In Home Flea Killer are up by over 300% year on year and STV are encouraging retail partners to stay fully stocked, even as mild weather gives way to cold over the coming weeks. Read more - open to all

La Hacienda’s Easy Log promotion set to see sales light up

To support retailers with driving sales of firebaskets, chimeneas and firepits this summer, La Hacienda – part of the AMES Companies – has launched a special Easy Log sales promotion. Read more - open to all

 Easy Log

Vote now to recognise Gardening’s best buyers

Believing that good buyers have not been given the recognition they deserve, Glee is asking you to nominate people or teams that might qualify as the country’s best buyers for awards being introduced at the show. Read more - members only

December was the biggest month of the year for GCA members

The latest figures from the GCA show 2014 was the best year for 4 years with December beating May as the biggest sales month of the year. Read more - members only

Prevention is always better than cure

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest control. And with Autumn-season demand for rodent control products growing every week, STV is asking retail partners to keep stocks of poison-free and welfare-friendly products on shelf as an alternative to traditional baits and poisons. Read more - open to all

Bed bugs besiege British homes!

A 65% upsurge in reports of bed bug infestations, together with unprecedented media coverage of the misery that the miniature biting insects cause, is driving record sales of Zero In Bed Bug Killers. Read more - open to all

Tillington hat trick for Henry Bell

Henry Bell & Co has secured a 12-month primary supplier contract for its wild bird food and accessories range with the Tillington Group for a third year running. Read more - open to all

Southern Trident wins prestigious Sustainability Impact Award

Southern Trident has won the prestigious Sustainability Impact Award at the Four Oaks Trade Show for its innovative Coco Burn Coconut Shell BBQ Charcoal. Read more - open to all


GCA names best garden centres for plants and furniture

Sunshine Garden Centre and Van Hage are the best GCA outdoor living retailers.  Cowell’s and Bents are the best for plants. Read more - members only


Mum finds razor blade in child’s present from garden centre

Manchester Evening News reports how a horrified mother found a razor blade in a present given to her daughter by a garden centre’s Santa.  Read more - members only

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