Sticker campaign to boost sales on Garden Re-Leaf day

Company: George Bullivant

Garden Re-Leaf Day is the season-starting event at garden centres to raise funds for gardens at children’s hospices. Organisers have announced a simple way that garden product and plant suppliers can get involved on 14th March, even at this late stage.

The ‘Loose Change’ scheme involves suppliers buying coin-shaped stickers from Greenfingers in denominations of either 50p or £1. Products with the labels can then be featured in dedicated Garden Re-Leaf Day displays at garden centres, showing consumers how much of their money will be donated to the Greenfingers ‘Rosy Cheeks Appeal’.

The idea was devised by former Gardman marketing director Jane Lawler, who is helping to support the partnership between Greenfingers and Garden Re-Leaf Day. She explained: “Loose Change offers a fast and easy way for product suppliers and growers to take part in Garden Re-Leaf Day and be associated with the appeal. You can buy just a few stickers for a small display in a single centre, or hundreds for distribution across all your participating customers.”

The Greenfingers Rosy Cheeks Appeal aims to raise £750,000 over two years to fund the creation of at least ten more, unique children’s hospice gardens.

Suppliers looking to take part in the Loose Change promotion should call 01494 674749 or contact

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