Armitage commits GCA to stronger links with other associations

Company: George Bullivant

Will Armitage set clear objectives for his tenure as chairman of the GCA, challenging members to judge him on three criteria.

Incoming chairman of the Garden Centre Association, Will Armitage, opened the conference with a clear marker for the direction he wishes to take the GCA.

He said he should be held accountable on 3 criteria for his two year tenure.

  • Increase regional activity, because that is where the GCA’s strength lies. “I want to expand the membership through stronger regional groups and help members get more from the body. In the late 1990s and early 2000s regional activity was very strong so it would be good for that to be reinvigorated again.
  • "Development of Grow. There are 5000 people from 80 garden centres and 35 companies registered for the online training resource developed by the GCA. Armitage aims to expand this substantially.
  • Develop and strengthen links with other industry bodies ‘to our mutual benefit’. These were more than just words. Conspicuous conference sponsorship from HTA, GIMA, and LOFA/Solex, show how the associations are already taking constructive steps to collaborate and benefit the whole sector.
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