January weather looks likely to continue through February

Key points for the weather in February: -

  • Temperature – overall mean (CET for England); rather above average (+1.4C)
  • UK rainfall – rather above average (140% of the average)
  • UK sunshine – rather below average (85% of the average)
  • Winds – rather above average strength & predominantly W’ly
  • Frost – somewhat below average overall

January was an above average month for temperatures, with rather above average amounts of sunshine. Most importantly it was very wet, though this was only as a result of the south being extremely wet. It was rather a windy month as well.

For February we can expect more of the same. In week one low pressure looks like dominating the weather with deep lows over or to the NW of the UK much of the time bringing unsettled weather for all parts and the risk of gales, local flooding and coastal flooding.

Further depressions will run close to the UK in week two bringing more rain, and windy weather with gales. and it may become colder with polar maritime air bringing some wintryness in the showers with some frosts, especially in Scotland.

A respite at the end of week two seems likely with a period of more settled weather as high pressure takes charge. It will be followed by more low pressure bringing rain and gales in week three but these may be confined to the west and SW, the east could be drier and cold at night with frosts.

The month is likely to end more settled but rather cold with some frosts & night fog inland.

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