Two new trustees for the Colegrave Seabrook Foundation

  • Nicole Higginson
  • Neville Stein

The Colegrave Seabrook Foundation has announced the addition of two Trustees to its panel of industry experts.

Nicole Higginson a director at New Leaf Plants Ltd and Neville Stein the well known nursery business consultant, join the board of Trustees who work through the Foundation to support students studying horticulture in the UK.

Nicole Higginson

Nicky, who with husband David, set up the specialist clematis and climbing plant nursery based near Evesham, Worcestershire, has a BSc in Biochemistry from Birmingham University and has spent most of her working life teaching chemistry in high schools.

Nicky, who brings her experience and skills in education to the Foundation, in addition to her understanding of growing and business management commented, “I feel very strongly that we must encourage young people to consider horticulture as their first career choice and nurture them within our industry.    I see the work that the newly renamed Colegrave Seabrook Foundation does as an integral part of that support .”

Neville Stein

Neville Stein has operated as an independent horticultural business consultant for almost 30 years, primarily working in the ‘land based’ sector. He is recognised as an expert business consultant amongst SMEs and family enterprises and has worked with a wide range of organisations both in the UK and Ireland. 

In addition he spends his time educating the horticultural managers of the future, including assessing on the prestigious Master of Horticulture for the Royal Horticultural Society, The Kew Diploma and the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

The board or Trustees

Nicky and Neville join Chair of Trustees Jeff Colegrave, Roger Seabrook who joined the board in May this year, Stuart Lowen of Ball Colegrave Horticulture, Tim Kerley, Nigel Wait, Adam Dunnett of Hillier Nurseries, Caroline Owen of Scotsdales Garden Centres and Neil Gow, all of whom volunteer their variety of skills from a diverse range of horticultural backgrounds. The focus of the Foundation is towards ornamental and production horticulture but includes scientific research and, increasingly, environmental matters.

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