Swedish success story for Highfield Garden World protégé

Company: Highfield Garden World

The team at Highfield Garden World in Gloucestershire are toasting the success of former member of staff Alcwyn Davies having heard the news that he has beaten 1700 others to win a coveted award in his adopted home country of Sweden.

Alcwyn made a big impression during his 12 years at Highfield.  In 2012 he moved to Sweden where he now works for Plantagen – the leading Nordic garden centre brand with more than 150 stores across Scandinavia.  After a competitive round where each store nominated a candidate, Alcwyn has been crowned ‘Employee of the Year’ in Sweden.

Jon Mason, who is a Director and the Planteria Manager at Highfield, commented; “Alcywn literally could not tell a rose from a daffodil when he joined our planteria team back in 2000.  But he was a grafter with loads of energy and the gift of the gab.  He worked hard, learnt fast and became a real asset to the business – as popular with customers as he was with staff.  We were all sad to see him go when he upped sticks and moved to Sweden, but we’ve always kept in touch and we’re thrilled for him that he’s won this award.  Plantagen are lucky to have him.”

Alcwyn commented:  “Highfield was a fantastic place to begin my career in horticulture.  I knew nothing when I started, but the whole team was supportive, fun, and so knowledgeable that I was able to learn a huge amount in a short space of time. I’m really grateful to them for sowing the seeds of what has become a hugely fulfilling career for me, and receiving this award has been an especially proud moment.”


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Andy Jeanes,  27 Apr 2021:
...Excellent news, well done Al. The Gloucestershire boy has done well.

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