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This past summer, Melanie Meskers started her position as Chief Commercial Officer at elho. As a board member, Melanie is responsible for the commercial organisation of the elho group: the sales, marketing, product development, online and category management departments. The other board members of the elho group are: Olaf Elderenbosch, CEO and second-generation family; CFO Marco Wels; and director of operations Bert Bakkeren.

Melanie has an extensive marketing and sales background in fast-moving consumer goods in both food and non-food markets. She started her career as a management trainee at Unilever, where she subsequently worked for 20 years in various local, regional and global roles. Her most recent position at Unilever was Global Director of Family Cooking, Baking, Creams.
Melanie Meskers

"In our daily lives, we are becoming increasingly isolated from nature. Technological advances and urbanisation have caused our lives to change at a rapid pace. There is a growing need for more green in our living environment. Nature helps us to feel healthier and happier and gives us more energy. elho inspires people to bring more green into their daily lives. We do so with beautiful and sustainable (designer) flowerpots and smart solutions which benefit both people and our natural environment. Together with our retailers, I would like to inspire even more consumers and help them to bring nature into and around their homes in a simple way.

elho is a worldwide market leader in its field and stands for more nature and less waste. That's why, in Tilburg, we produce our sustainable collection made from recycled material using 100% wind energy from our own windmill. I am proud to work towards the future of this innovative, ‘green' and successful family business. If you would like to learn more about our mission, visit our website at"

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