Mr Fothergill's pumpkin mercy dash to college's Hallowe'en Festival

Company: Mr Fothergill's

When Capel Manor College, Enfield, realised it was short of pumpkins for its 'Hallowe'en Howler' festival on Sunday, 27 October, it contacted Suffolk seedsman Mr Fothergill's to see if it could help.
Within hours of the plea, the company's marketing manager had loaded his car with an assortment of more than 50 of all shapes and sizes and was heading to north London to make sure there were ample supplies of the Hallowe'en staple for the event.
"We grow many varieties on our Newmarket trial ground, so we were pleased to be able to help the College and all the families which attended its Hallowe'en Howler at the weekend", said Ian.

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