Green-tech’s Head of Sales awarded Charted Manager status

Company: Green-tech

Dean Jackson, Green-tech’s Head of Sales has been awarded Chartered Manager status after successfully completing the Chartered Manager accreditation at Leeds University Business School.

Leeds University Business School is a faculty of the University of Leeds, one of the leading higher education institutions in the UK and ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.

Dean is one of several Green-tech employees to undertake a degree level apprenticeship. Green-tech took on its first school leaver apprentice in 2015 and continues to offer entry-level apprenticeships. In 2021 the company made a commitment to offer higher educational apprenticeships to its existing workforce, providing offering the opportunity for personal career development. The take up was good and Dean is the first to complete the qualification in his chosen field.

As a fully accredited Chartered Manager, Dean is now entitled to use the post-nominal letters CMgr after his name to indicate the highest professional status within management.

Ann Francke CEO at CMI, commented: “CMI is delighted to award Dean Jackson the highest professional status, Chartered Manager. Raising the quality of management skills is essential to the wellbeing and productivity of the British workforce. Unqualified, accidental managers mean that four in ten of us rate our line managers as ineffective. Professionally trained managers such as Dean improve business performance and operations.”

Richard Gill, Sales Director adds, “I am incredibly proud of Dean. He joined Green-tech 17 years ago and has quietly and steadily worked his way up to become a key figure in the business. Dean was promoted to Head of Sales in August 2022 which allowed me to step away from the day-to-day role of managing the sales team and company’s sales targets and concentrate on exploring new areas and markets to expand the business into. Like everything Dean does, he has committed 100% effort into this course whilst taking on a new role in the business. Becoming a Chartered is an amazing achievement and one that is well deserved. Congratulations and well-done Dean.”

Dean Jackson (CMgr MCMI) adds, “I asked for the opportunity to do some managerial training, I wanted the chance to undertake some personal development. Thankfully Green-tech agreed and found this course for me – it provided the perfect opportunity to learn new things and enhance my existing knowledge. I started it in October 2021, and I have had great support from Green-tech over this time.  It was certainly challenging balancing my new Head of Sales role whilst keeping up with the university work and getting married in the middle of all of it! There were points where it was incredibly stressful, but I do appreciate the support and time I have been able to have away from my desk to focus on the course and make the most of this incredible opportunity.”

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only chartered professional body for management and leaderships, dedicated to improving managers’ skills and growing the number of qualified managers. The Chartered Manager accreditation is designed to equip managers with the professional capability to drive and lead better organisations. The Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) research revealed Chartered Managers add value to their companies through developing new products or services and improving operational efficiencies, through far higher levels of productivity.

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