The AEA announces a new president

Company: Agricultural Engineers Association

Martin Hamer, Fendt Sales Manager for UK, IE, and NL, was recently elected President of the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA).

Martin, who has been recent chairman of the AEA Farm Equipment Council, an AEA Board member and an AGCO’s representative for many years. took up office at the AEA’s recent AGM and conference in London.

With a background in farming and experience in many areas of Agricultural Engineering with both dealers and manufacturers and some 27 years at AGCO, Martin has experience in Training, Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Management.

In his address to the conference Martin focused on how businesses must create the right work environment to retain and develop existing staff and how this would help to attract new people to the industry. “Businesses which are seen as bright, dynamic and exciting places to work, who encourage and engage their staff, will be more attractive to potential new employees as well as to customers” he said.

Explaining a clear career path with achievable qualifications at various levels from school leaver through to university graduate to those considering a career change, is now easily understandable thanks to the industry’s We Are Land-based campaign, and Martin has made this one of his goals to roll out the programme and gain maximum visibility.

Martin also commented on the role the AEA plays lobbying government and the current proposals for a machine anti-theft device fitment were a good example of where the good intentions of government legislation needs to be tempered by the actual practicalities faced by industry implementation.

Finally Martin re-affirmed the AEA’s intentions to support the BAGMA organisation (now part of the AEA) to continue to offer dedicated, separate support to the UK’s Agricultural, Grounds Care and Amenity sector dealerships, “in times of change and consolidation, support for small and large dealerships across the country is vital” said Martin “offering them services that help them to comply with legislation and business requirements as well as enable them to extend and promote their business to a greater degree, is really important and a key BAGMA goal”.

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