Green-tech skill up in their chemical’s department

Company: Green-tech

Green-tech’s Sam Jackson has recently passed his BASIS Nominated Storekeeper Course.

Sam has been with the company for five years and is an experienced member of the warehouse and despatch team.

As his role involves the handling and distribution of chemicals and pesticides he attended the BASIS Nominated Storekeeper Course which equips trainees with the knowledge and skills to meet the standards of pesticides storage as outlined in the Code of Practice for Suppliers of Pesticides to Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry.

The two-day course is aimed at those storing pesticides for sale to an individual or a firm intending to re-sell or to apply the pesticide.

Sam Jackson comments, “Green-tech sells a wide range of chemicals. It’s essential that they are stored and handled safely and properly. I learnt a lot on the course about how and where to store liquids and powders; how to handle an accidental spillage and how to transport safely. I also studied the impact on the environment and how to reduce this and minimise damage through safe disposal of any spillage materials.”

Chairman, Richard Kay adds, “Sam is now an additional member of the Green-tech team who is formally qualified in the storage and handling of chemicals and pesticides. As this side of the business continues to grow it is imperative we adhere to the tight regulations.  These chemicals can be dangerous but they are essential for our customers’ work so it’s important we manage their sale, storage and transportation appropriately.”

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