David Coop becomes director at Elsoms Seeds

David Coop becomes research, development and marketing director at Elsoms Seeds Ltd in Peterborough. 

Elsoms are a major supplier of seed into the garden packet seed trade via brands such as Unwins, Marshalls, T&M, Suttons and Fothergills.

He joined the company as head of business development in October last year.  Before that he was he was head of technical development at Westland Horticulture for 7 years.  Westland has owned Unwins Seeds since 2004.

Coop says, “Elsoms has the best seed treatment plant in the UK, applying a range of technologies to help growers get the best from our seed. We are also recognised as a centre of excellence for field trials, and perform a large number of trials every year for our own developments, and also on a contract basis.

“Key to our success are the long-standing partnerships we've build with customers and also with global seed breeders such as Bejo Zaden, Crites, Holland Select and Saaten Union.”

During his time with Westland, David was a director and member of the executive committee of the CPA (Crop Protection Association) and chairman of the management committee of BOPP (British Ornamental Plant Producers). 

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