Chris Bowles to step down as Director and Shareholder of Bowles & Wyer

Company: Bowles & Wyer
  • Chris Bowles
  • John Wyer

After nearly a quarter of a century with landscape design and build company Bowles & Wyer, co-founder Chris Bowles is stepping down as a director and shareholder.

Chris Bowles and John Wyer set up Bowles & Wyer in 1993 and the successful partnership grew into the current Bowles & Wyer Group.

Chris said: "After 24 successful years with Bowles & Wyer and 33 years working with John, I would like to thank, most sincerely, all my colleagues both past and present for their hard work and loyalty which has made a huge contribution to the success of Bowles & Wyer in the last 24 years"

John Wyer praised Chris's input over the years, saying: "The contribution Chris has made to Bowles & Wyer has been immeasurable. He has been a constant steady hand at the tiller, well respected by all in the industry and held in high esteem by colleagues for his wealth of experience in construction and the design & build sector. We will all miss his sense of fairness, distinctive approach to problem solving and contribution to life on site and in the office."

Chris will continue to work with Bowles & Wyer for a few months to ensure a smooth transition. Plans for the development of Bowles & Wyer, under the guidance of John Wyer, are now underway and will be announced in the coming months.


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