Brett Avery becomes HTA Vice-President

Brett Avery, managing director of Farplants, is to join the HTA Board as Vice-President.

The Farplants Group is a wholesale supplier of outdoor plants to garden centres in the UK employing up to 500 staff in season.  Over 11 million plants are produced a year on 70 hectares (170 acres) of mixed facilities with a retail value of over £50 million.

Brett Avery

Originally from New Zealand, Brett was the co-founder and Managing Director of Avery Robinson Ltd, a company distributing Dyson products, for 17 years. Brett then moved to the UK and worked for Savortex Ltd, an IoT (internet of things) hand-hygiene technology company, before moving on to Farplants as the Managing Director where he has been for over 4 years.

Brett is also the Chair of the Retail Suppliers Group, represents the group on the Ornamental Management Committee and sits on the Commercial Committee.

Commenting on the appointment Boyd Douglas-Davies, HTA President, said, “Brett has a rather unique position in our industry in that he represents a group of growers. His strong understanding of their needs, as well as the customers they serve, means he has extensive and valuable commercial insight. This along with his consumer background will prove a real asset and addition to the HTA Board.”

Brett’s appointment follows the recent news about Jane Lawler, Lawler Associates; Vicky Nuttall, The Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA); and Ken White, Frosts Landscape Construction, who joined the HTA Board in June.

Appointments will be ratified at the forthcoming HTA AGM which will take place on 16 September.

The HTA Board members will be:

Boyd Douglas-Davies – British Garden Centres – President

Brett Avery – Farplants Group – Vice-President

James Barnes - HTA Chairman

Alex Vick – HTA Senior Executive and Finance Director

Adam Taylor – Taylors Bulbs – Immediate Past President

Matthew Bent – Bents Garden & Home - non-executive director

Brian Fraser – Oakover Nurseries - non-executive director

Simon Fraser – Ben Reid Garden Centre - non-executive director

Bob Hewitt – Klondyke Garden Centres – non-executive director

Jane Lawler - Lawler Associates - non-executive director

Vicky Nuttall - The Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA) - non-executive director

Sandy Shepherd – Ball Colegrave - non-executive director

Ken White - Frosts Landscape Construction - non-executive director

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