Bjorn Leurs joins Aquaja as its new Production & Process Manager

Company: Aquaja

Aquaja is pleased to announce that as of the 1st of October, Bjorn Leurs has been appointed as its new Production & Process Manager. In this new role, Bjorn will be responsible for the optimization of all internal and production related processes with the goal to continue delivering the quality Aquaja is known for and optimizing the production process within Aquaja.

Bjorn is no stranger to Aquaja, after completing a successful internship for his study ‘Finance & Control’ in September 2018. In his new role Bjorn will focus, among other, on optimizing the production process. Bjorn is enthusiastic about his new position: “Aquaja is a very interesting company with high-quality products. This has been of interest to me since the first day I walked in for my internship. Because of my financial background and my knowledge of processes, I will focus on optimizing all internal processes within Aquaja. It will be a challenging function in this period of growth for Aquaja and I am looking forward to it!”

Danny Janssen, Aquaja’s CEO, about this new development: “Hiring Bjorn is an important step for our company and for the development of our company. The last years we have seen a large growth in our order portfolio. This is why it is important for us to focus on optimizing our production to facilitate this growth. The addition of Bjorn to our team will also help us focus on improving our quality and service to an even higher level. We look forward to working together with Bjorn and are very confident of the future.”

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