New leadership team at Crocus

Company: Crocus
  • Caroline Linger
  • Mayank Shukla
  • Harsh Shah

A new Leadership Team has been established at Crocus as part of the Company’s 5 year plan.

Mayank Shukla, Caroline Linger and Harsh Shah have become directors of the Company and will work with Mark Fane (CEO) and Peter Clay (Founder) to develop the business over the coming years.

Mayank Shukla is Director of E-Commerce and is responsible for Marketing, IT and the Warehouse.

Caroline Linger is Director of Retail Operations and is responsible for the Product and Plant Buying Teams as well as Customer Services, the Nursery and Dorney Court.

Harsh Shah is Director of Finance and is responsible for Accounts and all financial matters.

Strong growth

Crocus has experienced strong growth over the last 10 years and will achieve sales of £22.6m this year. Sales have been particularly strong in 2020 with sales up by 30%.

Mark Fane “I am particularly excited about the creation of our Leadership Team. Mayank, Caroline and Harsh have all made a very significant contribution to the business over the years and will continue to do so in their new roles. This is an exciting time for the business and this team will be responsible for driving the business forward to achieve its strategic objectives over the next 5 years”.

Peter Clay “Crocus was born with a desire to give gardeners the means to create the garden of their dreams. Thinking differently and technological innovation have taken us a long way to achieving this goal, but the business is ready for a new impetus from people with energy and ideas, and a desire to always seek a better path.”

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