Welsh Garden Centres re-open while UK garden centres wait expectantly

Welsh Garden Centres reopen today, under Coronavirus guidelines. English Garden centres might hear today, when the background paper to the PM’s broadcast is released, if they can re-open.

The prime Minister is due to address the House of Commons at 3.30. However, the background paper may be released after lunch.

Garden Centres in Wales open

In the meantime, Welsh Garden Centres are reopening, with clear instruction to customers such as those on Facebook from The Willows Garden Centre: -

  • To assist us with the new measures we ask for only two members of each household to visit the store at any one time.
  • We ask that customers pay by card if possible and a contactless limit has been increased to £45.00.
  • The till area has spaced queueing as well as screening for the protection of staff and customers alike.
  • Sanitiser stations will be cited around the store in key areas near the trolleys and the tills.
  • We will not allow customers to bring in dogs except for assistance dogs for the foreseeable future dogs should not be left in cars either so please leave them at home.
  • We are also doing a click and collect service and we will do a delivery for customers that are self isolating only.
  • Please note the coffee shop, tumble in the jungle soft play area and stitches of Usk will remain closed.
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