Re-opening of English Garden Centres in doubt UPDATED

Tonight’s announcement on Coronavirus from the Prime Minister failed to deliver the expected news of Garden Centres in England reopening on Wednesday, as widely predicted. We may have to await details released to Parliament tomorrow if there is to be a go ahead.

The earliest indication in the Prime Minister’s statement was that a phased reopening of shops could start in Phase 2 of easing the lockdown, expected around 1st June, depending on progress with reducing the infection rate 'R'.

The HTA is urgently seeking clarification from Government sources. It says, “The delay may in part be due to the Government arranging a number of other specific aspects to be announced at the same time and the need to be seen to present these relaxations to Parliament first. We have arranged a call for tomorrow… with a Defra Minister to seek this clarification."

But at this stage it is unclear that English garden centres will reopen on Wednesday.

Wales and Scotland

Garden centres in Wales will still be able from tomorrow (Monday) morning. However, it is clear that there will be no change to the current restrictions in Scotland.

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