HTA intensifies call for grower rescue package

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With Scottish garden centres not opening till after May 28, the HTA has intensified its call for a Dutch style grant to support British growers.

Scottish plant nurseries have suffered a perfect financial storm of perishability and seasonality, meaning huge amounts of stock has had to be disposed of because garden centres have been shut. 

Yesterday the HTA said, “This means it is more crucial than ever that the Scottish Government supports a Dutch-style grant aid scheme for Scottish plant nurseries to help them survive the current period and prosper in the future.”

Garden centre opening is not the single answer

This repeats last week’s call by HTA chairman James Barnes, who said, “Although opening gardening centres is hugely welcomed, this isn’t the single answer for the £1.5bn British nursery market, which has already had to dispose of hundreds of tonnes of plants. We will continue our talks with DEFRA to secure a rescue package for this sector.

“The best option now is for the UK Government to pursue a simple Dutch-style compensation scheme, which will help save our horticultural industry.”

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