No opening yet for Scottish Garden Centres

Despite optimism over the weekend for an announcement that Scottish Garden centres would be allowed to reopen.  They will remain closed until at least the 28th May.

The first minister said that if progress was being made on suppressing the virus, the first phase of easing the lockdown would start from 28 May. Among the activities she would aim to allow are meeting up outdoors with someone from another household, as long as people stay socially distant and the opening of garden centres and recycling facilities.

The HTA has told members, “We are surprised and deeply frustrated by this decision. Scotland is the last remaining country in Europe not to reopen their garden centres.

“We have issued a robust media statement and held a call with a senior Government official this afternoon to outline our concern about what this judgement does to the Scottish horticulture industry.”

The association has also asked the Scottish Government to allow click and collect to happen in all local authority areas in Scotland.

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