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Company: Forest Garden

Forest Garden, the UK brand leading manufacturer of timber sheds, fencing, structures, garden furniture and planters, is the first large-scale producer in the sector to become carbon neutral.

The Worcestershire-based company that mainly uses FSC® certified timber grown in UK and sawn at its own sawmill in Lockerbie, has ensured that everything from sourcing to sawing, manufacturing to haulage is now carbon neutral.

“Timber is at the heart of what we do. We ensure that we use sustainable and expertly managed timber, which is then cut by us, minimising waste and transported within the UK. Even when we refine the wood to create our quality garden products, any scrap materials go into our dedicated recycling biomass facility creating heat for onsite kilns that dry out the wood prior to pressure treatment,” said Forest Garden Head of Marketing, Jenny Davis.

A successful business is also a responsible business.

“We believe that a successful business is also a responsible business. This includes being dedicated to playing our part in protecting the environment and making sustainable choices. But for us as a company, it’s much more than that.

“Our Forest Garden team and the wider community are incredibly important to us, and we continue to invest in and provide ongoing support, investment and initiatives that mean that we are the employer of choice in our field and a valued business. For us, this is a passionate commitment that runs through everything we do,” she added.

Forest Garden is working alongside Carbon Neutral Britain, the UK’s leading offsetting initiative provider to offset our environmental impact.

To see the full range of Forest Garden products and to find a stockist, visit www.forestgarden.co.uk

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