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While our name may be new to you now, our commitment to sustainability is unmatched, making us a name you won't want to forget in the future!

Our products boast a rich heritage, originally crafted for the demanding standards of the sports industry. Yet, it's the pioneering science behind TRUE Garden that sets us apart. While conventional plant foods rely on synthetic polymer or chalk carriers, our ingenious food waste carrier unlocks even more essential minerals and vitamins for your plants.

Unlike the very damaging synthetic alternatives that merely feed plants, leaving behind harmful residues, TRUE Garden has eight soil conditioning products, enhancing soil biology alongside providing vital NPK nutrients.

With over three decades of work trying to get this product into the retail industry, David Hedges-Gower, chairman of The Lawn Association, has finally been able to bring this eco-friendly solution to our retail shelves.

It's time to bid farewell to damaging polymer-based products. As stewards of the environment, we refuse to compromise. TRUE Plant is your trusted ally for all garden needs, from nurturing beds and borders to tending seedlings and vegetables, all in a fail-safe formula.

For lush, sustainable lawns, turn to TRUE Grass, tailored for seeding, turfing, or ongoing lawn feeding. “The key to successful lawns is choosing the right plants for the right place and we're currently sold grass species that don’t work well in the UK. We have native grass selections that grow all over the UK on mountains, hillsides, verges and parks. And of course any lawn pre-mid 90’s”

“Then its about feeding the soils, its that simple. That’s where plant health starts”

The Lawn Association and TRUE Garden Range lead education into feeding lawns for a sustainable future.

Ready to join us in cultivating a greener tomorrow? For inquiries about becoming a stockist, reach out to us at

Let's sow the seeds of sustainability together.

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