The Recycled Soda Bottle Pressure Sprayer

Company: STV International

The sustainability agenda continues to gather pace with shoppers, and many seek out environmentally friendly alternatives to their normal purchases wherever they’re available. Defenders have developed a very clever way of re-using standard drinks bottles and turning them into a fully functioning home and garden sprayer.

The Recycled Soda Bottle Pressure Sprayer connects to most standard drinks bottles with a simple screw-top fitting. The lightweight pump then creates moderate pressure to produce a fully adjustable spray pattern from the brass nozzle with an on/off control push button.

It’s suitable for small plant spraying tasks around the home. garden or in the greenhouse. It makes a great alternative to single use sprayers for household cleaning or personal care products. With a recommended retail price of just £3.99, it’s also a great impulse buy and can be supplied in STV’s unique stack-a-pack for bulk display.

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