Southern Trident grows on 2023's success

Company: Southern Trident

Southern Trident, a growing name in the garden centre and nursery sector, proudly announces its remarkable achievements in 2023 and sets the stage for further success in 2024. As a company dedicated to environmental responsibility, Southern Trident has solidified its position as one of the most eco-conscious manufacturers in the industry.


Southern Trident has been at the forefront of environmental stewardship, establishing itself as a carbon-neutral company. All coir sourced by Southern Trident is Soil Association organic approved, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to sustainable and organic practices.

As an early adopter and supporter of the Responsible Sourcing Scheme it joins the call for a more robust measurement of responsibility, consumer awareness and a focus on product quality, in short ensuring the growing media works and gives expected results.

Triumph at Glee

The success of 2023 has been underscored by Southern Trident's triumph at Glee, where the company clinched the coveted "Growing Materials" award for its innovative expanding Houseplant range.

This range, featuring Houseplant, Cactus, Orchid, and Citrus composts, stands out for its unique composition. Unlike other houseplant composts that include bark and woody materials, Southern Trident's solution is made of coir, preventing issues like Sciarid Fly infestations as well as fantastic plant growth.

Sustainability Award at Four Oaks

Furthermore, Southern Trident was recognised with the Sustainability Award at Four Oaks, reinforcing the company's commitment to offering products that not only resonate with consumers and retailers but also contribute positively to the environment.

The world's only carbon-neutral growing media

Looking ahead to 2024, Southern Trident continues the expansion of the world's only carbon-neutral growing media, the Harmony Gardens range.

This step is a testament to Southern Trident's unwavering dedication to sustainable practices and its commitment to growing this essential sector of the business and demand from garden centres for additional products in the range.

Steve Harper, CEO at Southern Trident, is excited about the company's achievements, stating, "We continue to be humbled by the recognition of our products and the success of 2023. Our commitment to environmental responsibility has not only set us apart in the market but has also been acknowledged by prestigious awards.

As we move into 2024, we are excited to expand our Harmony Gardens range, further solidifying our position as leaders in carbon-neutral growing media as well as the other sectors we trade in.

Commercially our products sell, the new Houseplant compost is gaining rapid distribution in retailers large and small and flying off the shelves."

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