Slug Stoppa, the new eco way to protect plants

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  • ecofective Slug Stoppa
  • ecofective Slug Stoppa

The ecofective® brand cares about garden wildlife and exists to find greener solutions that are not harmful to the ecosystem. Slugs are often a subject that comes up as they become a real problem for plants and produce. The usual issue is that they eat holes in plant leaves, stems, and flowers. Slugs are around all year, so they are a constant threat to plant health.

Many gardeners realise that it is impossible to get rid of slugs, as there are so many in just one garden. From research by the Sipcam Home & Garden team, it is also evident that gardeners would prefer not to harm slugs and snails. Therefore, control measures are becoming increasingly popular – and ecofective® have the solution with Slug Stoppa. Slug Stoppa is a new eco way to shield edible and non-edible plants from slugs and snails.


Wildlife friendly

Using a brand-new formula, Slug Stoppa is a spray that creates an invisible barrier onto plants. With this barrier, slugs and snails are deterred from going near the plant leaving it to grow and thrive unharmed. Slug Stoppa is a pesticide-free child & pet safe ready to use spray that also contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth. When sprayed onto plants it gives the plant an ability to withstand slugs or snails whilst ensuring they are all unharmed and that natural predators such as hedgehogs, amphibians and birds are safe to feed in the garden. Furthermore, the new formula is also not harmful to pollinators such as butterflies and bees, who conduct such an important job in the garden.


User friendly

As well as being a kinder solution for slugs, Slug Stoppa is easy to use with the ergonomically designed ‘thumb pump’ trigger. The design of the trigger results in a seamless one-handed spray functionality that can be used when there are the first signs of slug and snail damage in the garden. In three simple steps users can then look forward to unharmed plants by firstly shaking the spray pouch, switching the safety nozzle to the ‘ON’ position and then spraying plants until the formula is just starting to drip from the foliage. When finished, the safety nozzle can be turned back to the ‘OFF’ position to secure the pouch.

Eco friendly

ecofective® has an environmental commitment that focuses on being as environmentally friendly as possible. In growing sales of ecofective®, less harmful products are sold, and this reduces the effects these products have on the planet we love. As part of this commitment recycled materials are used wherever possible and make sure as much packaging is widely recycled. The brand offers refillable solutions to reduce single-use plastic and new to 2024 pouch packaging for liquid feeds.

Slug Stoppa is supplied in the brand-new pouch pack format, which has significantly less plastic content. This new packaging consumes less energy throughout its entire lifecycle and less plastic material used also results in less waste to collect, sort, and recycle. Slug Stoppa’s pouch is up to 55% less plastic than a conventional rigid spray bottle.

Working by physical mode of action, Slug Stoppa offers effective prevention against slug and snail damage without hurting them. It is a friendly solution which allows plants to thrive and slugs to survive from a brand that is safer for your family, good for garden wildlife and kinder to the planet. Speak to the Sipcam Home & Garden team today to find out how you can become a stockist -

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