National Hardware Show Award for Wildlife World's Solitary Beehive!

Company: Wildlife World
  • Wildlife World's Solitary Beehive
  • Managing Director, Mark Pitman holds the winner,

Gloucestershire, has once again made headway into the American marketplace at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The original and much loved Solitary Beehive picked up the award for the most outstanding and innovative product when the conservation of bees is ever more critical as their numbers decline.  The Retailers Choice Award was voted for by retailers who visited the show, and a panel of judges decided on the winner.

Another feather in the cap of Wildlife World and its ethos of bringing ethically sourced, sustainable, and long-lasting wildlife products to the UK, European and US markets and follows on from winning the Gardenex Export Achievement Award for their USA exports at last year’s GIMA awards.

Mark Pitman, Managing Director at Wildlife World, shares his thoughts, "We're over the moon to pick up another award for our sustainable wildlife products.

UK designed and manufactured products

"We were proud to showcase our UK designed and manufactured products at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas and were blown away by the amount of interest our Solitary Bee products received at the event. We've always had a strong sense of environmental responsibility here at Wildlife World, and it's great to be able to offer wildlife products to new, global markets that can continue the conservation of some of our most threatened wildlife species.

It's especially pleasing to pick up this award in the US after winning the Gardenex Export Achievement Award at GIMA 2021 for our work exporting our products to the US. We're confident that the US will be an emerging and ever-growing market for us in the future.

With over 250 species of Solitary Bees in the UK, the conservation of bees has become more and more necessary as their numbers decline internationally. Solitary Beehives are increasingly more critical to help these industrious little creatures who often emerge at different times in the year, from early Spring to Autumn.

You might have heard 'Save the Bees' mentioned a few times over the years, and it's these native wild bees, both in the UK and the US, who need our help and are actually under threat of extinction.  Honey Bees are generally doing OK, actually.

What can we do to help the struggling Bumblebees and Solitary Bees in our gardens?

What can we do to help the struggling Bumblebees and Solitary Bees in our gardens? In addition to planting out a bee-friendly plant and shrub/tree species for an all-year bee buffet, you can take steps to attract queens and female solitary bees, such as providing bee hotels, such as the Solitary Beehive.

Drilled logs, nest boxes, drinking water, patches of bare earth for mining bees, wild areas and dead hedges, bee banks and cob walls – even having a muddy puddle can benefit Mason Bees.

It's also worth pointing out that activities that benefit our Bumblebees and Solitary Bees can often end up helping out other pollinators like Butterflies, Moths, Wasps (all 8000+ species of them!), Hoverflies, Honeybees and all the insects who face similar threats from human activity. 

Wildlife World is Europe's leading designer and manufacturer of wildlife products, based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Their products cover a wide range, including; wildlife and bird feeders, nest boxes, beneficial insect houses and hotels, pollinator habitats, hedgehog houses, bat, frog and toad homes, birdbaths and sophisticated wildlife camera systems. 

Conservation has been at the heart of their business since its inception in 1998, using recycled materials where possible and FSC certified timber. The UK based workshop where Wildlife World design and develop their unique products uses renewable energy to operate.

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