Introducing GUARNORGANIC - The best organic fertiliser, fresh from Peru

Company: Anglo-Peruvian Trading Company

GUANORGANICS – exclusively suppliers of guano rich fertiliser - is seeking new retail trading partners in the United Kingdom. Here, we take a look at the history of the company and exactly what this amazing country has to offer the British consumer market – and it’s a lot more than just our beloved Paddington Bear!

Established in 2004 GUANORGANIC parent company, the Anglo-Peruvian Trading Company, is a UK based business which specialises in sourcing exceptional products from reputable and experienced producers and exporters in Peru, for their introduction to suitable buyers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Fresh for spring 2022, the company brings its unique blend of 100% organic and sustainable GUANORGANIC fertiliser to the UK market. Made from guano – the excrement of seabirds – GUANORGANIC is rich in essential Potassium, Nitrogen, Phosphorous (NPK 12-12-2), sulphur and iodine, with a high calcium content, meaning this environmentally responsible fertiliser provides all the nutrients a plant needs for the production of abundant food-crops and flowers.

Easy to apply and safe to handle GUANORGANIC pellets are the perfect choice for both amateur gardeners and professionals committed to sustainable growing. Renowned for its exceptional performance and soil-enhancing qualities, Guano is a well-established ingredient in many well-known brands of fertiliser and is already supplied to large manufacturers of own-brand product in Holland, Germany, and France.

For the environmentally conscious GUANORGANIC is by far the superior choice over synthetic fertilisers, which over time have a huge detrimental impact on soil quality, reducing crop production and already responsible for contaminating waterways all over the UK.

A Circular Economy spanning the Centuries

It might be relatively new to Britain, but when the Ancient Incas created their amazing circular terraces at Moray, the Sacred Valley of Cuzco-Peru, they utilised Guano for the development of agriculture in what became one of the world’s great high civilisations.

Fast-forward to the twenty-first century and we have a truly sustainable, circular-lifespan product created from the waste materials of local fish and birds. Highly nutritious anchovies from the Peruvian Pacific Ocean provide a consistent, stable diet for millions of seabirds whose droppings are deposited over many small island and peninsulas off the coast of Peru. Over time these abundant droppings are weathered into an exceptionally potent, natural fertiliser, thanks to the unique weather conditions of coastal Peru, where it seldom rains.

Guano is harvested by hand between April and September, well outside the birds’ breeding season of October to March. Each location is harvested every five to seven years, with careful consideration to the extraction schedule to ensure there is minimal to no disruption to the birds, and certainly no harm.

This care and consideration is not, of course, limited to the bird kingdom and Anglo-Peruvian Trading Company is committed to providing good working conditions to more than 900 workers who hail from a special region in the highlands of Peru. These invaluable workers apply unique skills to their work with Guano which have been passed down to them over many generations.

As a subsidised commercial product, the annual harvesting of Guano is a vital source of income for independent farmers in the highlands and jungles of Peru. As well as offering important socio-economic benefits, the export of Guano serves a dual purpose in the form of good conservation, surveillance and maintenance of the island regions where harvesting takes place.

Land of the Condor

Peru is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country with a long, rich history that’s steeped in myths and legends. South America’s third largest country (with five times the landmass of the UK), has three distinct geographical regions: Over 2000km of lowlands and coast, the high Sierra of the Andes and dense forest and rainforest.

Abundant in rich soil and with a long heritage of agricultural expertise, Peru has the world’s greatest climate diversity, experiencing 28 of the world’s 32 different climates and the largest biodiversity of plant species in the world. This great diversity has gifted Peru with extensive and varied agricultural land that is perfect for the development of new corps and products.

The technical expertise of Peruvian growers and producers has also brought the most efficient irrigation system in the region to their country, along with a very wide variety of exotic products that are more desirable than ever in the United Kingdom and Europe.  Peru is an exciting country with unique products and enormous business potential - the market opportunity for further growth is immense.

To foster the nation’s vital natural resources and heritage, The Anglo-Peruvian Company and GUANORGANICS is also developing a special programme to increase the area protected by Law and defined as NATURAL RESERVES in Peru.

For more information, including how to become a stockist of GUANORGANIC please visit: or, or call 0208 889 8895.

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