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DJ Turfcare is the exclusive supplier of RHS-approved organic-based lawn fertilisers which will give lawns a boost after the hard winter months and help replenish grassy areas this coming spring.

The full DJ Turfcare portfolio includes the best-selling MO Bacter Lawn Fertiliser, MO Bacter Organic Lawn Moss Destroyer, Bio-Lime, Recovery, Lawn Boost and Autumn Lawn Treatment. The hero product for Spring is the fantastic Organic Lawn Boost with biostimulants, which is ideal for revitalising lawns after the stresses of winter. This is perfect for lawns which don’t have a moss problem but - where moss is present - MO Bacter Organic Lawn Moss Destroyer is the ideal choice for the job in hand.

The managing director of DJ Turfcare, David Jenkins, comments: “With sustainability running so high on the agenda, the fact that these products are organic is clearly a major plus point in terms of meeting best practice standards, but they also perform far better than chemical fertilisers and this makes them better value for money in the long-run”.

Chemical fertiliser give a sudden boost when you first apply them and then they drop off quite quickly over about a six week period. With our organic-based fertilisers you also get the immediate impact and, although this isn’t as high as the initial chemical boost, the drop down is more gradual, lasting around 12 weeks. So whilst organic fertilisers are slightly more expensive, the fact they are much longer-lasting means they are actually far more cost-effective over time.

“We think it’s very important to make the public more aware of the long-lasting effect of organics”, Mr Jenkins continues, “as this isn’t just good for their wallets but will help them protect the planet at the same time. The discerning purchaser will tend to recognise that a better-quality product is also better value overall”.

In recent years it has been hard for the entire supply chain to forecast the pressures that are shaping business, such as Brexit, COVID, material and packaging supply issues, freight and logistic problems. As a way of saying thank you to customers for their ongoing loyalty, DJ Turfcare is holding its price structure and delivery lead times for the first six months of 2022 for all ordered place before Christmas.

A Boost for Lawns

Use Lawn Boost (Composition: 16-3-8 (+2MgO) +1Fe+Bacteria) to feed lawns at the end of the winter or during the growing season, for healthy growth giving good colour and producing strong, healthy grass which will make a rapid comeback in spring after the stress of winter. Lawn Boost encourages strong rooting after dormant periods and helps to give good drought resistance. The unique child and pet-safe organic-based composition contains bacteria which convert thatch into plant food and provides nutrients to lawns for 100 days. Available in 10kg bags which cover a 200sqm area. The only thing Lawn Boost won’t do for the lawn is kill moss, for which we recommend MO Bacter Organic Lawn Moss Destroyer.


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DJ Turfcare offers UK consumers access to one of the most respected lawn care product portfolios available on the market today. Endorsed by the RHS since 2018, the range delivers high performance results, whilst also setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and sustainability with its 100% organic-based products.

Find out more at  www.djturfcare.co.uk

* whilst DJ Turfcare will do everything in their power to meet this promise, please note that in exceptional circumstances some lead times/prices rises may be unavoidable.

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