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Promoting bigger, healthier, and happier plants and produce, Organic Superfood liquid feeds has started it’s debut season well, with gardening retailers reporting positive sales results for the value-added ecofective® range.

From farm to family

Originating from a UK farm, Organic Superfood feeds are a by-product of anaerobic digestion, a process wherein microorganisms decompose organic matter without oxygen, yielding biogas and digestate. The biogas is exported back to the national grid in the form of sustainable energy, powering over 2000 homes and businesses.  Where the digestate, abundant in nutrients, serves as an outstanding natural fertiliser for our ecofective Organic Superfood liquid feeds. These feeds are also infused with organic seaweed plus natural humic acids (present in traditional farm manure) to make the Organic Superfood formulation, a truly wonderful addition for optimum plant and soil health.

As a result, Organic Superfood provides plants, fruit and veg with everything they need to thrive in a truly organic way. With no nasty ingredients the family friendly range is child and pet safe, wildlife friendly and kinder to the planet.

The right choice for the planet

ecofective® are proud to develop products that enable gardeners to make the right choice for both their plants and the planet. The new Organic Superfood liquid range is available in an 800ml bottle and a brand new 1.2 litre flexible pouch that uses up to 70% less plastic compared to that of a rigid plastic bottle. The flexible pouch offers significant advantages: it’s more compact and lightweight than a rigid bottle and consumes less energy throughout its lifecycle. This includes reduced energy usage in manufacturing, transportation to production sites, delivery to stores, and users’ homes. Less plastic material used also results in less waste to collect, sort and recycle!

As well as reducing plastic consumption, ecofective® Organic Superfood reduces the reliance on synthetic fertilisers, which can have negative impacts on the environment. As a result, the vegan-friendly feeds are supporting healthier ecosystems creating happy plants and a happy planet!

Great results, even better value

Originating from the award-winning Organic Superfood powdered feed, Organic Superfood liquid feeds provide gardeners with increased crop yields and bigger brighter blooms, due to its support in root development and during stress conditions such as heat, drought and over watering.

ecofective® Organic Superfood for All Plants is a concentrate formula that provides healthy vibrant flowers and bumper crops of fruit and vegetables to include peppers and chillies.

ecofective® Organic Superfood for Tomatoes is also a concentrate solution that encourages the plants to take up nutrients quickly, giving results sooner, for happier, healthier, tastier tomatoes. This formula can also be used on other fruit and veg.

As well as offering highly effective plant feeds, ecofective® Organic Superfood 1.2 litre pouches are supplied as a value-added launch promotion with 50% extra formula (RRP £7.99) providing up to 50 watering cans of feed in total. The 50% extra promotion also features on ecofective® Organic Seaweed, a natural growth stimulant for all plants. The 50% extra deal is highlighted on pack and point of sale options, meaning the special offer can be easily seen by shoppers in store. With impactful weatherproof packaging retailers can ensure vibrant instore presence when merchandised indoors and in outdoor environments.

Join the ecofective® revolution, a brand that is safer for families, good for garden wildlife and kinder to the planet. Speak to the Sipcam Home & Garden team today to find out how you can become a stockist of Organic Superfood Liquid Feeds -

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