Eco planters stay on trend with stunning new colourways

Company: Primeur Ltd
  • 15cm Octavia Collection
  • Octavia Collection Prime Oak
  • 15cm Octavia Cappucino
  • 33cm Sonata Collection

British company, Primeur continues its recycled rubber revolution with the addition of stylish new warm and bold tones for its sustainable, self-watering Tierra Verde planter collection, providing greater options for gardeners seeking a greener way to grow.

Primeur’s Tierra Verde eco planters have been changing the face of gardening since their launch, helping to turn a common waste material into beautifully-crafted, high-performance pots. Eco planters won’t crack, split or fade and offer fantastic insulation properties that help protect delicate plant roots from the frost or searing sun. Add to that a smart self-watering system and you’ve got a winning formula, guaranteed to make growing easier than ever and help plants thrive.

Now, this favourite collection has been enhanced further with the addition of brand-new, trend-led colourways, Blossom, Cappuccino, and Oak, to complement the existing shades of Slate and Steel Grey.


Soft shades of nature

Warm colours are set to make a big impact in 2024, as décor schemes both indoors and out embrace rich browns, nourishing greens, and moodier palettes. Dubbed by some trend experts as the ‘new neutral’, light brown allows users to create the pared-back look they want but with a bit more depth than some of the neutral shades that have been ‘en vogue’ recently.  The colours of nature never really go out of style and experts envision an array of greens around the home and garden in 2024. Primeur’s new soft shades, tap into these trends perfectly, particularly when paired with the sleek, modern profiles of its best-selling Octavia and Sonata planters. RRPs start from £28.99 for a 15cm Octavia planter.

Designed for use both inside and outside, Tierra Verde eco planters easily enhance any space, and the new colourways make it even easier to achieve the aesthetic you want. The wide range of sizes available in Sonata – from large enough to hold small trees, right down to something you can sit on a windowsill – make this design a great solution for any area. The clean lines and tapered bottom of this popular square planter provide a real impact and complement all décor schemes.

Meanwhile, the Octavia silhouette offers simple, modern styling without the hard edge. Soft edges meet the soft, warm tones of Blossom, Oak and Cappuccino for a striking new selection this season that suits both contemporary and traditional settings.

Suitable for all-weather use, these highly-durable eco planters help plants stay properly hydrated thanks to their built-in water reservoir.


Bright hues and unexpected pops of colour

This year is also about embracing bright hues and cheerful colours, as well as unexpected colour pairings. Trend experts forecast that paler blush tones are making way for brighter coral and jewel shades of pink, whilst mustard yellows are becoming more vibrant and less muddy in tone, leaning towards a green hue. Available upon request, Primeur’s bold Heather, Lime and Terracotta colourways tap into this trend perfectly.  Available in the Sonata, Octavia, Aria, Concerto and Symphony silhouettes.


Greener growing

Renowned for its strong sustainable ethos, Primeur has a wealth of garden industry awards under its belt, while its ethical credentials and commitment to responsible sourcing and manufacturing speak for themselves. The family-run British business ensures that none of its recycled garden landscaping and decorative garden products impact the planet in a negative way, as with the showstopping collection of Tierre Verde eco planters, which help keep scrap tyres out of landfill and re-purpose them into durable, quality products.

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