Baby Bio® expands its impressive portfolio of houseplant care products

Company: SBM Lifescience

The iconic Baby Bio® brand, which has been feeding the nation’s houseplants for 70 years, has expanded its portfolio of impressive houseplant care products with the launch of Baby Bio® Organic Houseplant Food.

The new product, which will be available to stockists in January 2022, will give retailers the chance to offer customers an organic plant food with the trust and reliability of a much-loved, popular brand, meeting the growing consumer demand for organic products in the houseplant and gardening sector.

OF&G-approved, the natural, seaweed infused plant feed contains all three main nutrients houseplants require to thrive – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - stimulating growth and keeping houseplants healthy, organically.

Baby Bio® Organic Houseplant Food contains a high potassium value with a NPK ratio of 3-2-5 to help promote healthy blooms and encourage greater flowering whilst helping to build natural disease resistance and hardiness. It also contains nitrogen to aid healthy foliage development and added seaweed for stimulating root and plant growth.

Packaged in the brand’s instantly recognisable bottle in an earthy, natural stone-coloured wrap, the new product will be available in 175ml bottles ready for the spring 2022 season. Retailers will also benefit from the exciting new in-store point of sale display units to help attract interest and catch the eye of the consumer.

James Ramnought, Head of Marketing for Baby Bio®, commented on the launch: “We’re delighted to introduce the new Organic Food to our retail partners, expanding our iconic range to meet the growing demand for organic products.

“Our much-loved Baby Bio products have been helping houseplants bloom since 1951, so we’re incredibly excited to be introducing a new product to our range, tapping into a new market of houseplant parents with a product that will help customers’ houseplants bloom organically.”

The new launch strengthens Baby Bio’s portfolio of care products, which includes the iconic Houseplant Food, Orchid Food, Cactus Food, Bonsai Food, Citrus Food and Herb Food as well as its drip feeders, Houseplant Bug Killer and Leaf Shine spray.

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