Andermatt launches a plastic-free frost fleece

Company: Andermatt Home & Garden

Andermatt launches BioFleece® 18, a lighter weight plastic-free, biodegradable frost fleece. This follows on from their BioFleece® 30, which is in several RHS garden centres.

After the massively successful recent launch of our BioFleece® 30, which is now in several RHS garden centres, Andermatt are now launching BioFleece® 18, a lighter weight fleece of 18 gsm that is still made from plants and biodegradable.

“We’re very excited to release BioFleece® 18 to give gardeners even more sustainable options to cover all their frost fleece needs without them having to resort to plastic,” says Dr Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt Home & Garden. “Along with our InsectoNet, we have the for the first time given gardeners a completely plastic-free range of fleece and netting.”

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